Mac platform faced 58 malware threats from Q2 to Q4 2011 - report



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    Originally Posted by The Other Steve View Post

    It says that the bulk of them are trojans. Are there any that found a way to bypass the password and install without the user having to type in their password?

    Nope. You have to do it to yourself to end up with the malware.
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    Originally Posted by timgriff84 View Post

    Has anyone actually experienced one of these things ever even on a pc? I've mostly not had any security software on any of my machines, but whever I do install some to check the only thing they've ever picked up is themselves. The same goes at places I've worked which have always had security installed, in the last 12 years I've never seen anything come up.

    I have seen numerous cases of various types on infection on Windows - generally on systems where the user is completely unaware of any sort or routine maintenance and their anti-virus software (if they have any) is either outdate or has been compromised. The worst case took me about 3 days to correct and in the process infected another system on my network that had corporate level up to date antivirus software running.

    The only virus I have personally seen on a Mac in about 25 years of using them was the cDEV virus back in the days of System 7 and 3.5" Floppies - or maybe it was System 6.
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