German court tosses Samsung's 3G-related lawsuit against Apple



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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    Look, we know that their CEO saw iPhone OS before its release. We know that Android is purposely copying iPhone OS and has since the announcement of the first iPhone.

    That just can't be proven in court, so Apple has to do proxy battles. Otherwise yes, they would have sued Google on the launch date of Android in 2008 just like they sued Microsoft for Windows.

    Android certainly isn't iOS and vice-versa. As new versions get released they become even less similar. Anandtech has a really well-written and highly detailed article (as usual) on Android 4.0, and has this to say:

    "ICS isn't a step towards iOS. If anything it proves that Google is committed to its own trajectory. Android is an OS that, although more closed than many would like, still allows more flexibility than iOS. You can sideload apps not purchased in the Market. The file system isn't completely hidden from you. You can even override the default zoom level on web pages. Apple and Google both pour tons of time and research into figuring out the best way to do something. And, to be honest, I feel like Apple generally does a better job of "getting it" for the very mainstream consumer. Rather than attempt to make the perfect mold however, Google gives you one that's a bit more flexible."

    "I've said this before but I do believe that Apple is trying to deliver more of an appliance experience, whereas Google is providing you with a modern take on a traditional computing experience. If the appliance is a smartphone, then both approaches are equally capable - it's just a matter of personal preference."

    "ICS is smoother, more polished and has its own set of new features that make it a significant step forward for Android. What ICS is not however is an outright clone of iOS. If you prefer the iOS experience to Android, ICS will do nothing to change your opinion. If all you were missing from Android was a smoother UI, then its fourth major release should be almost everything you could ask for."
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    ... and maybe this patent is not valid on territory of Germany... because it is not German patent.

    Again patent law is territorial and in some places nobody gives... about U.S. "funky" patent.

    (Arrogant Euro... in the USA)
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