Steve Jobs's widow attending tonight's US State of the Union address



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    The key words in your comment are "when you earned it." Estate taxes are not taxing the person who "earned" the money at all. Growing up in a well to do household gives one many advantages, at some point, people should have to earn some of their own money instead of ghoulishly living off the bones of their parents or grandparents...

    BTW, there is an exemption for spouses...

    She lived with Steve Jobs........she earned it.
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    Originally Posted by Fast Fred 1 View Post

    She lived with Steve Jobs........she earned it.

    Hah... No doubt. Isn't there a story about him calling his wife and kids to the den and saying "you call this cleaning dishes? You should all hate each other for letting each other down."

    Or something like that.
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    Originally Posted by Tenfingers View Post

    I hope she isn't a pane at the event.

    You know what they say, "the eyes are the window to the soul".
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    Fine. It's our government. Not yours. I'll spare you my opinions about how your government manages its finances, or the fate of so many of your land's retired racing greyhounds.

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    there's the baaad part of the 1% and then there's the goood part of the 1% that vote democratic. Just like there are those baaaad corporations that use off-shore labor to compete and make obscene profits and then there's apple, who of course must use off-shore labor so as to maintain goood record profits.

    Hypocrisy rules in all levels of government and in all parties. Just one of many reasons why what the government does, and how much it takes from us, needs greater limitation.

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    I disagree with this sentiment entirely. First, you can't take it with you. So the tax really is on the person(s) acquiring money that they didn't earn, but is being given to him or her. Not on the party dying.

    Second, the estate tax dates back to the times of barons like the Rockefellers. The worry rightful so was hoarding such wealth in a particular family would be a threat to the american way of life. The more money you have, the easier it is to make more. Eventually in time, your family can acquire all the countries wealth. Essentially certain families could bypass government and control the american way of life, turning us all into slaves. Allowing a few families to acquire all the wealth is dangerous.

    Third, there are enough loopholes created by the wealthy to minimize the taxes. That is one of the reasons all the wealth was transferred to a trust not directly to people. Don't worry about Ms. Jobs she will be fine.

    I guarantee Ms. Jobs is not there because of any Estate Tax announcements.

    Actually the estate tax dates back to 1797. Ms. Jobs has zero to worry about it -- there is an unlimited exemption between spouses. With all of the "trust" loopholes it has become almost worthless. You correctly point out why it is so important to actually have a "real" estate tax. People should play the game of Monopoly - it ends when 1 person owns everything - which is were we are headed (@ 400 families). The biggest myth is that it is double taxation -- it is not. Probably none of the huge appreciation in value of the stock Jobs owns has ever been taxed -- that capital gain should be taxed -- at normal rates -- not the special Romney rates.
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