Apple's US Samsung lawsuit expands to 8 patents and names 17 products



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    Do they predate the prada design, or the prada release. two seperate comparisons. When did LG initiate the touch screne design work (first to invent is a wonderful variability in patent law worldwide)

    The earliest touch screens were capacitive, invented in the 60's by the Royal Radar Establishment. In the old days you just invented things and got on with it
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    That monstrosity had phone capabilities but it was a pocket PC not a smartphone. Just look at how huge that thing is. There were plenty of thee devices that weren't phones but contained ways to make calls because they connected to a cellular network. Most vendors simply don't understand that it's not what you add but what you don't add.

    Here isn't view to show how this was not a smartphone but a cellular connected PDA.

    Name one multi-touch capacitance touchscreen device?

    It ran windows mobile. Sure windows mobile was based on pocket pc but to suggest that all WM units were pocket pcs and not smart phones would be churlish. That's like saying that the iPad is an oversized phone that can't be used as a phone

    I owned an Athena, you didn't have to use the keyboard. I only used the keyboard for typing emails/sms. Indeed most of the calls that I made were via my BT headset. I loved the phone but bricked it during a rushed flash. I only used the stylus for drawing, preferring to use my finger or the "joystick" the rest of the time.

    Here is a multitouch capacitive device from 2001- Mitsubishi DiamondTouch- there's no way you could ever put it your pocket though and yes it utilises a projector but I didn't say that anyone else had used a capactive multitouch screen before the iphone, i said that they had used capacitive multitouch.

    Incidentally resistive screens can support mutlitouch- I have no idea why no one ever implemented it in phones.
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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    The Prada 3.0 looks to be coming in between $650 to $750 when converting to USD.

    What's really baffling about that price is that it's still at 8GB. That

    Agreed, that is pretty mean of them but it is expandable to 40gb via micro sd.

    Now if you want to talk about crap specs and astronomical pricing look at the Samsung/B&O phones eg the £850 Serene
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