Inside OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: Enhanced Printing & Scanning



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    Originally Posted by Gene Baker View Post

    So far all my mulitfunction USB printer can do when driven with my Airport is print (then it is only 50% of the time without restarting). Scanning, Faxing, checking toner, fuggetaboutit!

    Apple should get the printing part right BEFORE adding more and better nonworking features.

    that is fairly typical of what I have seen with any solution that takes a printer that does not have built in networking support and putting it on a network device. wether Apple Airport or Hawking print server or USB to ethernet gizmo - or even a Parallel to USB converter.
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    Oh yippee! another fine mess for those using Large Format Printers. Maybe they'll iron out the bugs such as options locked out or disabled which are essential for paper and color profiles this time around. Who knows
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    "In place of the large colored toolbar icons of previous OS X releases,"

    ?which were clear, reasonably attractive, not without a certain cheerful charm, and above all, easy to read?

    "Mountain Lion presents"

    ?a barely legible series of drab gray glyphs that offer no additional functionality beyond increasing the sale of reading glasses and antidepressants.

    Because after all, humans have a marvelously sophisticated visual system that evolved in a monochrome environment where we spent entire days staring at the dirt under our smallest toenail, and we want to take full advantage of that when designing virtual environments. Why not eliminate the visual interface entirely and let us all just sort of feel our way around in the fog, like naked mole rats in grotesquely overpriced burrows? I find it sinister than the one tech company on earth that isn't suffering a depression is trying to induce it everyone else.

    The graphic designers at Apple either need more or less medication, but their current dosage just ain't right. Less ceases to be more when you start out with too little. Can someone within ranting distance of Cupertino tell them that even the Japanese don't actually live in those lovely raked gardens, any more than Europeans sleep on the altars of all those magnificent cathedrals? If I found anorexics who've had their faces surgically removed attractive, I'd live in LA. The whole thing is beginning to remind me of the old "White Box" episode of Ab Fab (start 4:55).

    OS X increasingly resembles the environments that are driving Apple's factory workers insane. I'm beginning to wonder if those poor people are throwing themselves off the roof just to put some color other than gray on the sidewalk. If I had to label Apple's favorite paint chips, I'd call them "Despond," "Ennui," and "Drear" and group them into the "Dysthymia" collection.

    Oh well. Let's not think of it as a complete abandonment of beautiful humanist engineering in favor of an idiotic Bauhaus prison fad utterly divorced from everything we know about our own neurology, psychology, and pleasure. Let's think of it as a business opportunity for the sort of "redesign your horrible environment before you go insane" applications Windows users have always been forced to resort to.

    Historically, Microsoft's designs have resembled a preschool designed by its students. Apple's now look like a tomb built by its occupants. Is this what Stepford Capitalists mean when they pundefecate about "brand differentiation?" It's like being forced to decide, "Who would you rather marry? Tammy Faye Baker or Terri Shiavo?"

    Neither, for the luvva god! They're both dead!
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    This strike me as rather uninspiring. Since Apple starting bundling their poorly implemented scanning system none of the third-parties have been including software for Mac, and this looks like it will only further decrease their interest in supporting Mac, while providing Mac users with not more than a slightly modified interface. Apple, you either need to partner with developers in way that makes them money, or you need to provide us with the professional level tools that we need out of the box.
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    Yeah - I wonder if Microsoft Spies have infiltrated Apple to Sabotage the OS…

    I don't like all that grey either… It makes things hard to tell apart – without spending more time looking at them to see which one you are clicking on…
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    I would like to print from an iOS device. Perhaps they could get that to work. I tried one third party software and it sometimes works
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    Thou art brilliant and correctamundo!

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