Inside OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: a Preview of how Apple plans to revamp the toolbar



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    Originally Posted by dpnorton82 View Post

    As a non-power user (or, whatever), I find nearly everything they've done in Lion to be a welcome treatment. The fluidity and intuitiveness with which I can apply my knowledge of one UI to the other surprises me, and I believe that the same must be true for the majority of users. The monochromatic greyscale is a non-issue, and my usage as a student/private consumer is in no way impacted by half of the things that are complained about here. -- My one and only gripe is the lack of a cmd key to create a duplicate version of a document in iWork. The whole versions thing is unintuitive and I've stumbled over it more than once. I love the premise and functionality, but the implementation lends to confusion.

    Address book for instance, why did they rape that so badly. Icalender was much worse to use.

    iPad launcher.... Who uses that...the operating system trying to figure out for me if I want to modify a file or keep an old one... now that makes me nervous. Instalation. Oh I can't now install to all my computers from the same image like before (family licence) i can do the I.nstallation but need to do it from the Internet (dogslow) or install snow leopard.... All upgrades then lion!?!? WTF

    On the good side I can't think of other positive things than the redone vnc server and the window size adjustment change.

    When will they make me only use full screen mode in applications like on the iPad.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    Know what we need? Colored button backgrounds.

    Have them styled exactly the way they are now, but instead of the icons being colored, we have beautiful muted colors as the background of the button.

    I'd mock it up, but my Photoshop install refuses to listen to me when I tell it that yes, it can, in fact, run without Adobe Application Whatever Crap installed alongside it.


    I'd like to see more of it all around OS X. But just light hints. Subtle, like you are saying.

    Tallest, those are nice icons. Mac users have always been so, so good at designing icons and other OS tweaks. All I can say is, I hope it's easy to customize the GUI in Mountain Lion.

    I used to use Unsanity's GUI mod. It caused crashing so I removed it long ago. Maybe they will have a new market, revamp it and have it stable under 10.8, and maybe I'll have to give it another spin...
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