Mercedes-Benz to add Siri integration to new A-Class line



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    Originally Posted by I am a Zither Zather Zuzz View Post

    I'm surprised that Apple, the Ferrari of telephones, would allow their brand to be so debased. That thing ain't no Ferrari!

    No, but it's not a Kia, either.

    Remember that Apple tends to focus on the younger users first. If Mercedes wanted to work with Apple to get started on the next generation of technologies, who do you think is more likely to be an iPhone user and interested in integration - purchasers of the A class or the E class?
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    Why Bother?
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    Originally Posted by Market_Player View Post

    Here is a hot clue for you mate, Chrysler never had ANY good technology, none, that is why Daimler kicked them to the curb, because they sucked, there was nothing to strip from Chrysler accept numbers off balance sheets from black into red ink; Chrysler was a complete deadweight company.

    Fiat jumped into bail them out just like our governments had to... waste of money.

    Sorry mate but you have that wrong.* Chrysler had a lean platform development process that was very efficient. While they did not have the budget to develop bleeding edge technology they were very profitable and prolific with what they had. Daimler stepped in and turned the development process on its head. Then they cut the r&d budget and manufacturing budget so deeply that it was a wonder they lasted as long as they did.

    After the Fiat takeover they redesigned the majority of their product line in 18 months which is amazing on it's own. The fact that they are now generating the majority of the profits in the joined Fiat/CHrysler group and are keeping Fiat aflaot is just amazing/amusing.

    *In the interest of full disclosure I had a 95 Neon and the cost cutting done on that car under Robert Eaton was bad enough that I have not owned another Chrysler product since.
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