Class action lawsuit claims Siri doesn't work as advertised



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    poochpooch Posts: 768member
    i hope it's just because the complaint is being published in scribd that there are so many errors, but my favorite part of the complaint alleges


    The iPhone 4S is the latest version of the iPhone and is distinguished by Defendant from its other iPhone devices, including the iPhone 4, predominantly based on the inclusion and touted benefits of a feature styled "Sin."

    consider me living in sin ...

    the complaint is ?at best, a work-in-progress? and the lawyers should be flogged accordingly.
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    freerangefreerange Posts: 1,589member
    Originally Posted by Dave K. View Post

    Generally public has no idea what that means...

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    Originally Posted by fredaroony View Post

    Do you actually realise you wrote that comment? Were you drunk or are you just a bigot?

    Apple sells products internationally, correct?

    He's a bigot...he's been called out many times by many people...I can't tell if he's 15 and seeking attention or 75 and stuck in his ways...
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    jragostajragosta Posts: 10,473member
    Originally Posted by drblank View Post

    Apple should be able to fight this one and sue them for the hassle. IT IS FREAKING BETA. BETA MEANS THAT IT ISN'T FULLY FINISHED AND THAT IT IS STILL IN TESTNG PHASE.

    Whomever the attorneys are on this lawsuit should be stripped of their license to practice the law and then put in public view at Apple Corporate HQ stripped naked and everyone at Apple and anyone else can urinate on them.

    These guys deserve a public urination for this negligence of a lawsuit.

    BETA MEANS BETA!!!!!!!!

    That's not quite true. There is an implied warranty of merchantability that comes into effect. If the product doesn't do what it's supposed to do, then the purchaser has grounds for a suit.


    1. It's up to the purchaser to prove that Apple was in the wrong. Apple can show that 98% of users have no problems (or whatever the number is) as a defense.

    2. More importantly, Apple offers an exchange period. If the phone didn't work, the guy could have brought it back for a refund. His total damages would be the restocking fee (if any) and that's all he could sue for. The fact that he didn't do so means that he is not likely to win any significant damages - much like antenna gate where users got a free bumper. When you have the ability to return your phone and choose not to, then you can't claim massive damages.

    Originally Posted by Maverik234 View Post

    Sorry your wife doesn't understand you. My dogs understand me better than my wife, it's something to do with being married.

    Wrong. Wives understand their husbands just fine. They just refuse to accept that husbands have any rights to an opinion in any matter that concerns them.
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    Ok, it took me some time to put it all together, but I remember now. I've had dealings with this Fazio guy before.

    It was about a year ago, when I still had phone service with AT&T, and I was having some serious dropped call problems, so I called AT&T customer service. You might think an American company would have American customer service people at the phones.

    That's when I got Mr. Fazio on the line. He wouldn't admit it but he was sitting in a Bombay sweat shop at the time. He said, "Hello," and that was the last word he said that I understood. I continued to try and describe my problem and he continued to talk like Gunga Dihin. Finally, At loss for words, and knowing that anything rude I said to him wasn't going to cross the American English to Bombay English, I told him I had to go put some steaks on the grill. Beef steaks, from big tan cows with a hump on their backs. THIS he did understand and began to scream at me in some local dialect which I could understand as well as his English.

    I know now why he has a problem with Siri. It's called Karma.
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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    First world problems.

    my thoughts exactly. lol

    IMO Siri works surprisingly well...yes when my cousin uses it it does miss some things....some easy things...but for the most part it works very very well...

    I really hope this case gets tossed out as this sets a horrible precedent for software.
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    jboyjboy Posts: 2member
    maybe he sounds arabic...
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    techboytechboy Posts: 183member
    It is not clear if this dude is root of the problem. Siri doesn't work well in

    1) environments with noisy backgrounds

    2) user has a funky accent that is too hard for even the AI to understand

    3) you must ask questions that makes sense, it can not be baby-talk...

    This is why it's effing hard to run a successful business in can get sue by some random idiot for no good reasons. Siri doesn't work as advertised? Go get an Android buddy!
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    jfc1138jfc1138 Posts: 3,090member
    Works for me.

    Even when I ask it to plot that road trip from the ad.
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    quinneyquinney Posts: 2,526member
    Fazio probably sounds like Rosie Perez.
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    mdriftmeyermdriftmeyer Posts: 7,319member
    Originally Posted by Dave K. View Post

    Generally public has no idea what that means...

    Who cares that the Public doesn't know what it means. It's well defined in IP Law.
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    slurpyslurpy Posts: 5,190member
    Siri works EXACTLY as fucking advertised. I've replicated every single command on every ad I've seen and got the same responses. What the hell is the problem?
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post

    Siri works EXACTLY as fucking advertised. I've replicated every single command on every ad I've seen and got the same responses. What the hell is the problem?

    People refuse to enunciate. They're too lazy to do so.

    It's a logical step down from ignoring real social interaction in favor of Facebook, et. al. and sending 160 character messages to people instead of talking to them.
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    I think Siri works amazingly well. If it isn't responding to commands he must have a speech impediment or be deliberately holding it at arm's length in a crowded restaurant.

    If anybody at Apple needs me to give a deposition about how great Siri is here I am.
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    nasseraenasserae Posts: 3,158member

    The suit filed on Monday by Frank M. Fazio, who is seeking damages as an individual and on behalf

    Is that teckstud?!
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    jkctaxjkctax Posts: 2member
    I love apple, I'd never sue apple, but the siri software sux balz. Steve jobs would be disappointed, and I wonder why the ceo od siri quit promptly after the 4s release? just sayin.
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    lilgto64lilgto64 Posts: 1,147member
    I am going to sue my car manufacturer because my car doesn't look like its going as fast while I am driving it as when I watch in on the commercial.

    While I have not had perfect results with Siri - it is amazing that voice recognition in the palm of your hand is so far ahead of wired headset after hours of training was just a few years ago.

    Did the suit disclose what he was looking for? if the location information he provided was inaccurate then how accurate did he expect the results to be?

    Or maybe he asked - "find the nearest massage parlor with happy endings" and Siri could't quite figure out what he meant by that.

    Maybe the tech industry should follow the lead of the pharmaceutical companies in their advertising.

    30 seconds of

    The new iPad - twice as power as the previous iPad with the same battery life.

    followed by 90 seconds of

    The new iPad may cause dizziness (as your head spins) and lightness of wallet (as you spend all your cash on it)... ask your doctor if the new iPad is for you.

    could you imagine if every communication we had in all forms from all sources had pages of legal disclaimers around it? Twitter would have to expand its service for 140 charters to 140,000 charters.

    Opinions express in the above posted are entirely that of the poster - and do not in any way shape form function or parallel universe reflect the opinions of this forum or website or the ISP on which the site is hosted or the various electrons and or mechanical components that were used to deliver it to you.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    Originally Posted by jkctax View Post

    I love apple, I'd never sue apple, but the siri software sux balz.

    It's not the software, it's you. "You're speaking it wrong". Whatever you want to say.
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    All of it! Its a gigantic gimmick! When I picked up my car last summer the salesman spent so much time showing me the STUPID voice activation thing. I was so irritated but he was enamored with it. I never use it, and I never will. I can understand people with disabilities may have no choice but for anyone else, it's too buggy and too slow. IBM spent so much building Watson, so much processing power and it still sucked!

    The lawsuit is just another lawyer going after some entity with big bucks! This is why McD's gets sued and not the diner around the corner even if their food is loaded with crap. Lawyers go after big money ($100 bil is a lot of cheese), they're looking for a payday and they hope Apple will settle so they get their cut. Forget about making any sense of this idiotic lawsuit! Just follow the money!
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    tinman0tinman0 Posts: 168member
    If Frank Fazio buys LYNX deodorant, Unilever are going be screwed!
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