Teardown of Apple's new iPad finds Samsung-built Retina display, A5X CPU



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    Originally Posted by Shaun, UK View Post

    The point of the lawsuits is to enable Apple to develop a stranglehold on the tablet market before anyone else (including Samsung) can establish a foothold so that by the time Samsung et al do get their act together and all these lawsuits are settled Apple will already have a dominant position in the tablet market like they do in the MP3 market with the iPod.

    Yeah, right... it's nothing to do with IP at all...


    Once you get 60% market share you can dictate terms to suppliers, get the best prices for components and buy up components in bulk thereby limiting the availability for competing products. Once established as the defacto product in the tablet space it will be very difficult for competitors to knock Apple off that position. So in that sense the lawsuits are largely a delaying tactic.

    Only 60%? If we go by sales, rather than units shipped ("smooth"), then it's game over, man.
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    Originally Posted by bugsnw View Post

    Since a few brought up Bluetooth.........

    I just purchased the Plantronics M100 Bluetooth Headset and am a bit disappointed with the crackling, static and cutting out. I've paired it with my new iPhone 4S and use it while on quiet walks. It's fairly difficult to have a normal conversation while using it unless it's dead quiet outside. So I usually cup my ear to help it out. On sunny days, I much prefer to just hold out my phone so I can use the speakerphone.

    How do the BT headphones work? I'd love to get rid of those long, ungainly cables.

    As far as the iPad goes, I've used BT speakers but ended up preferring my wired ones as they are faster to get going and sound better.

    Not impressed with BT in general, but maybe my mileage is varying on the downside...

    The first thing I'm going to do when I receive my new iPad is fire up the WSJ and compare the text, assuming they are Retina Ready.

    I wander around the house all day wearing a behind the head style Rocketfish branded blue tooth headphones. Listening to streaming talk radio and music they sound pretty good and last about 12 hours but suck for making a call on. I generally can go quite a distance (+30 feet) from my phone before they start acting up.

    Tip-at short range your body can block the signal. If you have the phone on your left side and the ear piece in the right that might cause the static that you are experiencing. For example if you are sitting at a table and place the phone in front on the table the connection should be rock solid.

    Most phone headsets do not work well for me because I apparently have a huge head, or at least bigger then average and with a deep voice people can never hear me clearly. I have tried many headsets and finally bought one of these.http://www.amazon.com/BlueParrott-Ge...1883965&sr=8-3 Yeah, they are huge and look dorky but people can actually hear me and the noise canceling is fantastic.

    P.S. Have fun with your new iPad.
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    Originally Posted by Relic View Post

    If anyone has a specific app they want tested I don't mind buying it as I also got a iTunes gift card that came with the iPad. Plus I'm always looking for new cool apps. I will also be more then happy to take screen shots of your program and post them.

    So to really some it up so far, the screen is really great rez wise not the best when it comes to color saturation as I mentioned before but defiantly good. The speed I think is where a lot of people are going to be the most happy with. Especially if your a gamer, I have never owned a device that is this fluid. The OS is exactly the same however I see a couple of more options in settings that I will explore next.

    I live in Switzerland so I don't have LTE but the modem performance is still very good. When I was downloading Modern Combat I was getting close to 9mbs. The camera still sucks in low light even with my small bed lamp on. I'll have to wait till morning to play with that and the 1080p recording which is going to rock.

    Is it worth the upgrade from iPad2 function wise no not really, you can do the same stuff on either machine. I can see you wanting to upgrade if you like gaming or just have money burning a hole in your pocket or in my case have very generous friends and family.

    People you can't afford to upgrade I really don't think they'll miss much though.

    That being said though my god that resolution is fantastic.

    Do you have the TomTom software? Wondering how that would look on the that new screen.
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    Off topic: Input your FedEx number to get more detailed info on your package than offered by FedEx page.
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    Originally Posted by Tune View Post

    That meeting was with Tim Cook after he became CEO in late last year, they decided to extend the deal to 2014 and among other things increase SSD's in the MBAs. Samsung has no reason to "run away" from the contracts. Why would it relinquish the prestige of having its arch-rival depend on it for critical components.

    That's kinda my point; they wouldn't-for a number of reasons.
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    Good luck buddy.
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    Originally Posted by Shrike View Post

    Was going for numbers that would meet the 10 hr on WiFi and 9 hours on LTE. Going all out obviously would draw more power. ... The IGZO LCD should reduce the need for backlight power on LCD screens, if it ever goes into production. But yeah, I think the trends towards bigger batteries is inevitable.

    Displaymate says the 2012 iPad backlight uses 7 Watts at maximum brightness. The 2011 iPad uses 2.7 Watts. Taking the 7 Watts, and using 1 Watt for the A5X and 0.75 Watt for LTE, a 2012 iPad running at full bore: max brightness, A5X at 100% and LTE, 8.75 Watts of power over a 42.5 Watt battery translates to 4.8 hours. Not bad. At 50% brightness, it may well only be 3.5 Watts.

    The biggest thing you can do with the 2012 iPad to extend usage time is to turn down the brightness. If you have it at 30% brightness, you may well have 11 to 14 hours of typical usage.

    The extra warmth probably comes from the A5X. It can run hot and might be the reason why they changed from a POP to BGA package with RAM mounted on the other side. This may portend a future where the SoCs may need bigger heatsinks in future devices, more than the simple looking metal heat spreader on the A5X. ;(.
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