Mountain of iPad pre-orders cause shipment delays



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    don't need one, don't really like the iPad. It's just a big iPhone ( which I have and like ) that is too big to hold with one hand, doesn't have a phone, and is too expensive for something that won't run real software.

    Though I agree using the same OS for their tablet that they use for their phones kind of sucks because yeah it makes it look like an oversized phone but you can't really ignore the apps. Some of them are simply stunning and isn't that what's more important then a crappy tablet OS. I use mine mostly as a recording studio and I can't imagine a life without it.

    I have this dock that I use with the iPad called Alesis iO. I have my sons guitar, my M-Audio keyboard, a Native Instruments Mashine and a Akai Drumpad all connected threw it for one hell of a music making monster. Then with apps from Korg, Apple, Akai Native Instruments, Liine and AppBC well I'm sorry I don't know what kind of professional apps your looking for but try and beat that.
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