Apple's calls for repatriation tax holiday gain no traction with White House



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    Originally Posted by Zebra View Post

    I gather that you will find a way to pay more taxes? Why should Apple owe more just because they found a way to make a lot of money?

    It?s unfortunate that we have so many people in this country like you that somehow think others owe their success to someone else and should be forced to fork over their hard earned money.

    Who are you to judge that they have more money than they know what to do with? That?s not your business or anybody else?s but Apple?s.

    And it's also unfortunate that people like you think we owe Apple a free lunch.
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    Originally Posted by cegordon View Post

    Because Republicans never talk about raising people's taxes which Obama and the Dems have basically guaranteed with the sunset of the Bush tax rates this year. Your vote is powerful.

    And yet Republicans raise them too (Reagan 11 times; George HW Bush at least once to break his pledge). My taxes are down under Obama. If you are susceptible to the Bush sunset, then you are in the highest tax bracket - congratulations! Incidentally, your tax rate would go from 33% to 36%. It was 52% unde Nixon and 92% under Eisenhower (approx).
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