Apple CEO spotted in Beijing amid rumors of further investments in China [u]



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    Originally Posted by frankie View Post

    In other words- they work for Apple. If Apple products weren't made there they wouldn't be making them.

    Wow, six people come and prove you wrong and you use that to pretend that you're right?

    In that case, all the miners that found the metals that go into Apple products work for Apple.

    The petrochemical refiners that make the plastics that Apple uses… work for Apple.

    The companies that make the glass that Apple uses… work for Apple.

    Before we go any further, remember that you're claiming they're on Apple's payroll. That's what "work for Apple" means.

    The people in charge of building the new Infinite Loop facility. They work for Apple. That means all the people who cut down the trees for the wood. The people who made the textiles that will go into the carpeting and upholstery. The people who collected the pigments that went together to make the paint that will go on the walls. They work for Apple.

    The surveyors who will be looking over the plot of HP land before anything's built there. They work for Apple. The Cupertino city council, who had to approve the build. THEY work for Apple.

    I mean really.


    Again, I love Apple products and admire the company in many ways, screwing Americans for cheap labor sure ain't one of them.

    I know it's not Apple and most American companies are doing it. So f'ing what. The CEO's and upper managements are destroying America for greed. It's freaking pitiful.

    FINALLY. FINALLY I get a legitimate use for this image. Made it a good while ago, but all the threads at the time I made it didn't warrant it. THANK YOU for being so off-topic.
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