iPhone owners use Wi-Fi more than Android owners in U.S. and U.K.



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    drdoppiodrdoppio Posts: 1,132member
    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    How quaint.

    On my iPhone, it automatically connects to any WiFi router that I've used before. ZERO touch.

    And I didn't have to bother setting up a script, either.

    You must have missed when I wrote that I turn WiFi off when not in the range of my preferred networks.

    Do you honestly believe that I can't leave the WiFi on Android always on just like you do with an iPhone, or are you just trying to disinform the more gullible forum participants?
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    jfanningjfanning Posts: 3,398member
    Originally Posted by Steven N. View Post

    Yea. You don't need a button on your home screen to get your battery to last all day.

    Who said anything about turning it off to save battery? I turned off 3G data so I don't have to incur the overpriced rates they charge
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member
    Originally Posted by DrDoppio View Post

    You must have missed when I wrote that I turn WiFi off when not in the range of my preferred networks.

    Is there a distraction when you're away from preferred networks?

    Originally Posted by Steven N. View Post


    On iOS, it is walk into room. Dialog pops up, you select network. Type in PW. No finding the settings page.

    The key is iOS manages wifi networks from a user a power standpoint better. All my Android friends have widgets on their various home screens to turn on and off various radios like GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, 3G and such just get their phone to make it through the day. Understandable most forget to even turn on wifi when it is available.

    I turn off the "Ask to Join Networks" option because I found it more annoying than convenient. I end up having to click away networks that I can't join anyway. It still auto-joins networks that it knows.
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    e_veritase_veritas Posts: 248member
    I'm guessing this has a lot to do with the iPhone being so late to the 4G party. Android phones have had at least a 1 year head start in that arena. Without a newer 4S, WiFi is the only viable option for streaming video and using bandwidth intensive apps for iPhone users.
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    I have an iPhone 4 and a Galaxy Nexus. On the iPhone, I use WiFi because Verizon 3G isn't very fast. On the Galaxy Nexus, I use 4G because I usually get ~25Mbit/down and ~20Mbit/UP, which is faster than the internet speed on most of the WiFi networks I connect to.

    Both devices are easy to connect to WiFi. I can't say one is better than the other.
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    majjomajjo Posts: 574member
    Android user here--

    I'm grandfathered into an unlimited AT&T data plan, so I tend to just leave my phone on 3g. Amazingly, I haven't been throttled yet, and I tend to be a very heavy data user (anywhere from 5 to 15GB per month).

    Unfortunately our location isn't serviced by fiber yet, and the best we can get is 6mbit, so I try to spread my data usage across the two devices so I don't hit bandwidth problems. For example, if i'm streaming something on netflix and want to download a file as well, I would forward the link to my phone and download the file off 3g so I don't get buffering issues on netflix.

    Lately, I've actually been offloading a lot of my torrent downloads to my phone so I don't completely tie up the landline here.

    Now my sister on the other hand, has a 200MB plan (with an iphone4) and she constantly switches to Wifi whenever possible. and I would too if I was in that situtation, regardless of phone.
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    Wifi is faster, uses less battery, and almost always has uncapped data limits.

    This data from comscore got me thinking about differences in behavior caused by different functionality. I tried Android for over a year before switching to the iPhone 4. Both platforms have strengths and weaknesses. The differences between people using the two operating systems been advertised widely, but studied with about as much depth as a kiddy pool. This is a lesson in group differences. Mainly, they are not interesting by themselves. Differences between people are not worth noting unless the ?why? question can be addressed.

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    for me it's true cause i find it easy with iphone
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