New aerial images of Apple's planned NC fuel cell, solar farms emerge



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    How much more will it cost to maintain all those solar cells and biogas than just buy some mass produced energy from the local power company? One of these days all these little extra expenses are going to add up and Apple will find themselves unable to compete.

    I doubt it. As the price of fossil fuels goes through the roof as their supply dwindles perhaps Apple will find itself in the enviable position of supplying local power companies or alternate grids with any excess it will later generate. Regardless it will be that much closer to not being beholden to some energy conglomerate. It's called thinking ahead, thinking outside the box, saving for a rainy day, or vision.

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    Originally Posted by libertyforall View Post

    Ah yes, and now, the rest of the story!:

    Apple?s hydrogen power plans fueled by Al Gore?s conflict of interest

    Al Gore, the snake oil salesman. Global warming is a joke, the real science shows otherwise, and carbon credits are just a way to control people and economies. Enough is enough.

    Jesus H., dude, get your duff to the Arctic, stick your finger in the melting permafrost and then ask any Eskimo if his mythology ever mentioned that happening before. The joke is people like you who believe equally outdated fairytales like The Earth is flat, the moon is made of cheese, the world began in 4004 BC (around teatime), and Barney the purple dinosaur walks and talks among us. When I read 'opinions' like that I'm less and less convinced that one person one vote is a good idea.

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