Indie biopic about Steve Jobs to begin filming in May in hopes of Q4 release



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    Yeah, it makes you wonder why Hollywood and this indie group even bothered. Except for reason #8 (watch money roll in) of course.

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    Recipe for Success:

    1. Make movie about subject matter previously covered perfectly by another movie released over ten years earlier.

    2. Hire director with unproven track record.

    3. Hire main actor with proven track record. A bad one.

    4. Announce said movie details on April Fools, just to show how seriously the project is being taken.

    5. Give movie a gay, work-in-progress movie title like 'Get Inspired!'.

    6. Rush to complete movie so that it can be released at the end of the year when all the 'real' movies are released.

    7. Add a monkey to the script.

    8. Sit back, relax, and watch the money roll in.

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    A three or six-part TV miniseries should provide enough glimpse into Steve Jobs life. Noah Wyle did an excellent Steve. My only quibble with that version was the surface treatment of details of the man's life and felt a little rushed. This needs to be more than just another run-of-the-mill documentary/mockumentary.

    Reality check: However, even if they botch this up, it should still make the bean counters happy.

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    I have no confidence this movie, or the promised Sony movie based on Isaacson's book will have any quality.

    Kutcher doesn't have the acting chops -- at least I haven't seen any that could carry a movie. I just can't see Steve Jobs portrayed as a one-off Kelso.

    The Sony picture based on Isaacson's book? No chance. Isaacson can do a great historical book, but his book on Jobs was rushed and nowhere near the quality. Rush and quality are incompatible. A quality book on Jobs is a five to ten year project; and a movie screen play must come after.

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    buzzzbuzzz Posts: 84member
    I am certain there have been at least a couple Bollywood movies inspired by Jobs already. LOL
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    Yes, but one can dream.

    Originally Posted by AbsoluteDesignz View Post

    You all have no power over the existence of this film...

    Be wary, but hope for the best...that's what I'm doing.

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