Latest Mac trojan spreads through Microsoft Word documents



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    I am having troubles watching some of the youtube videos in Safari. The video never plays or attempts to play. Ultimately it is asking me to force reload the other open pages.

    I am now watching youtube videos on Firefox. No problems there.

    Yes I am using the latest Apple's operating system and I am doing regular updates.

    There can be a lot of explanations for this. 1 of the most common that we've seen is MS Office for Mac updates webkit & breaks Safari, a manual download & re-install fixes the issues. In your case I'm not sure that is the cause, I'd open Disk Utility from /Applications/Utilities and run a Permissions repair. From time to time the flash installer breaks permissions with certain flash releases & running a permissions repair resolves the issues. Permissions repair looks at the installer's receipts & makes sure permissions during install are the same as what the receipt says they should be. A reboot after that wouldn't hurt, if you're on Lion I would uncheck for it to save your settings at logout when prompted.
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    8002580025 Posts: 174member
    [QUOTE=AppleInsider;2096368]A new version of a backdoor trojan for Apple's OS X operating system takes advantage of an exploit in Microsoft Word to spread.

    Let's hear it for the majorcrap Office, Outlook, Explorer, and Operating System virus proliferation platform. It's like an petri dish on steroids.
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    cutykamucutykamu Posts: 229member
    Windows is bringing viruses on Mac too. Lol.
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    Originally Posted by softeky View Post

    This is a known HTML5 issue with the way youtube encodes video. Firefox uses a different mechanism. Safari can play the videos but only when its cookies have been reset for Trouble is, they keep resetting back to the default which is the "bad" setting. To fix this temporarily, in Safari go to Preferences:Privacy, click the "Details" button located below and to the right of the "Remove All Website Data..." button. Select the "" line item (might need to scroll for it) and then hit the "Remove" button.

    If necessary, reload your current (non-playing) youtube page and it should play fine (until youtube resets its cookies back to default again).

    There may be a way to fool Youtube into thinking you're not running Safari (under the "Develop" menu) but none of the alternatives I've tried there has worked for me.


    I use ClicktoFlash, it works much better than being an HTML5 beta tester and I have no issues at all with Safari on YouTube.  I noticed long ago that their HTML5 was goofy in Safari, not sure who's fault that is but don't much care.  Since it's Google it's forever beta so good luck getting them to give a crap about it.

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    How cute. Poor little bunny doesn't like Java. As opposed to what, one wonders ...



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