iCloud email sees worldwide disruption of service



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    I and many other iCloud users experienced this same disruption on March 24. And just like this time tech support was completely unaware of the outage. As a result they had users go thru all Kinds of unnecessary trouble shooting and resettings. I spent at least four hours on the phone with tech support. The problem started early in the morning and was not resolved until around 5 pm EDT when Apple finally posted on the iCloud status page that there was an outage and service would be restored "ASAP." Within 20 minutes of posting this notice service was restored. But that didn't stop tech support from"escalating" my problem and sending me another set of trouble-shooting instructions. All of which duplicated everything I'd previously been instructed to do, all of course unneccesarily because the problem all along was Apple's iCloud email servers. It would be nice if tech support knew what was happening on the network, or that they could see that thousands of other users are experiencing the same problem. Then maybe they wouldn't drag innocent Apple iCloud subscribers through the hell of needlessly resetting or tweaking everything on their computers, or IOS devices.
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    iCloud email sees worldwide disruption of service

    Like to over-sensationalize our headlines, do we?

    Less than 1% of users (that could mean .0001%) have problems, and those are not localized to any specific area (in fact... the person using iCloud mail right next to you might have NO problem!) ... And that translates to iCloud having a worldwide disruption of service? ... Are you padding your resume looking for a job with the National Enquirer?
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    Originally Posted by KingOfSomewhereHot View Post

    Are you padding your resume looking for a job with the National Enquirer?

    BatBoy to supplant Tim Cook as Apple CEO!
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    I have a friend who has had problems with iCloud Mail since last Thursday. Aliases names don't work at all.

    Apple Support has been sympathetic, but short on a resolution.
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    Originally Posted by GTR View Post

    Everything is shiny here in Australia.

    iCloud seems fine, real clouds raining, not so fine.
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    I am having troubles too - with Mail and logging onto iCloud.com. Eh, it's free (at least for a lot of us), I don't know why we'd expect reliable service. When (if) Apple tries to make a dent in the enterprise, they'll have acceptable up-times.

    And to respond to an earlier post, no, they don't use Mac minis for their servers, they use Oracle, on probably Linux or Sun platforms, probably virtual machines....
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