80% of Good Technology enterprise activations are Apple's iPhone, iPad



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    Um, not really. We replaced our RIM's back in January with Samsung Notes. We purchased them directly from Samsung Europe, their service package is really incredible. Supporting them has also been a real easy task, much, much easier then our Apple iPhone's that some of our traders use. We normally have to send back any faulty phones to Apple and wait. Samsung gave us backups something Apple refused to deal even with large orders, so when a phone is faulty and if we can't fix it by reflashing the software, we just issue a repacement. Send the bad one to Samsung and they send us a new one that goes back on the shelf. Oh, the software, we have one rom that already has all of our software pre-installed, email, server mounts already programmed. All we do is flash a new phone and your off in exactly 4 minutes, the iPhones take at least 45 minutes for each phone to setup, plus there isn't app side loading support which is a bitch in a half so you have to login into the iTunes account and install each and every program seperatly. No, hands down a good Android phone is much better for a IT department when it comes to supporting a lot of units. Ask any IT guy who deals with both platform. The ability to back up the entire phone into a single rom is a real time saver. Not to mention and I'm sorry but we need it Android has a filemanager that can mount our servers as a normal folder on the desktop, while in the building or over VPN in the field. Not to mention our sales staff has gone completely nuts over the larger screen. 


    We gave Apple a chance to compete they couldn't match the service nor the price that others could do. Oh and last November was the first time I had ever used a Android phone before that I has an iPhone 4 as my main phone but now that UBS has gone Galaxy Note I have to and it's hard to say but it's a much better platform for business. Joe blow consumer, oh Apple all the way but Corp stuff, I don't see it. Not saying it isn't happening because it is, I just don't get it, especially at the prices Apple charges.


    I'm not an IT guy. So I'm not discounting or disputing what you're saying here. But based on the chart in the OP and my personal experiences with two different Fortune 500 companies over the past several years, the Android platform is not one that's being embraced by corporate America - at least not in the same way that iOS is (and RIM was). Maybe in Europe Android is being more openly embraced as an acceptable platform for corporate IT. Smart phones were becoming somewhat popular when I worked for a company that had a defense contractor as one of its divisions several years back. The Blackberry was the first to be accepted by the IT gods. Then came Windows Phone and finally iOS. But there, because of the defense division's objections (I was told based on security concerns and the open nature of the platform) Android devices are (or at least were) strictly prohibited.


    You work for UBS in Europe? So as I said, in Europe (even at a banking institution) maybe things are different.

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    Especially for a completely missing RIM.


    Do you realize that Good doesn't support Blackberries?  RIM devices use their own software (Blackberry Enterprise Server) which in a lot of ways is better than Good for Enterprise.  I administer both servers at work.  I'm not a big fan of RIM handhelds (after supporting them in my job for the last 6 or 7 years), but there's a reason they aren't on the Good device list.

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