Samsung overtakes Apple to claim smartphone market share lead



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    Apple doesn't care about market share.

    Did your mother drop you on your head when you were young or do you belong to some sort of Apple cult.
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    Samsung doesn't release numbers...this article is pure JUNK......
    However if the numbers were reversed it would be tru. Who cares who sales the most phones, what difference does it make. You will continue collecting your loose change to buy the newest Apple gadget, right. So Samsung sales more dumb phones and plastic junk, remember Apple doesn't make phones that everyone can afford. That's why Nokia was number one for over 2 decades. Plus Samsung has a lot more varients, Apple only has two phones with different configurations and their selling pretty good. Even if its a two year old design with a tiny screen, people are buying them like there is no tommorow. S
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    Yes. Why don't Samsung disclose actual numbers? 

    As you say they would be gloating, trumpeting it from the roof tops, if their smartphones had really passed Apple.

    As for IDC, where do they get their numbers? Is it from the same place where they keep forecasting that Android tablets sales are going to overtake iPads and Windows Mobile Phones are going to pass iPhones.

    IDC is a gun for hire.

    He who pays the Piper calls the Tune, as they say. 

    Oh please the IDC isn't a hired gun. I'm sure if the numbers where in Apples favour you wouldn't say that. The iPhone isn't cheap, it's a overpriced luxury good. Most of the worlds population just can't afford it, most have to make do with a dumb phone or cheap smart. Apple's numbers are fantastic the way they stand and there should be no hard feelings over it. Samsung and Nokia cater to the third world, Apple wouldn't dare, they don't give to charity, they enjoy their high margins to much.
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    Originally Posted by Relic View Post

    Did your mother drop you {zzzzz} on your head when you were young or do you belong to some sort of Apple cult.


    That's a classic - one of the Apple haters accusing another of being dropped on his head.

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    Originally Posted by CarlosViscarra View Post








    Are you really sure about this?

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    Yeah I can verify that. In Korea and Japan everyone seems to want an iPhone and are ditching Samsung in droves. Pretty much every Korean university student I know totes around a Macbook or Macbook Air with pride and these trendsetters get a lot of "ooohhhs' and "aahhhs' in the coffee shops and on the campuses in Seoul. The Apple shop (not even a proper Apple Store) in the KOEX Mall was constantly blocked with folks, mostly young, when I was there. And they pretty much all go mad for iMacs, too. Somewhat ironic but I can't say I blame them. 

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    Oh Yeah, Apple rules the world. Releases one phone every 18 months and are just the god ol'mighty. Everyone just want to die to get one, or not. iPhone has some great features in the phone, but still - it's just an old phone. Android phones have features apple users would die to have in their phones. Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC One X are just better than the 4S. And seriously, who would actually want to buy a telephone with duo core today, when Samsung and HTC has quadcore processors and run LTE. Come on, give me a break. You guys are only jealous for betting on the wrong horse.

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    And you're only a troll bringing back old threads to spout subjectivities and falsehoods.

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