Apple wants Samsung logo on court televisions obscured from jurors in trial



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    In this case, it seems reasonable to ask. If the court says no, then life goes on. (But don’t expect a poor clerk to be dismantling the electronics!)
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    nikon133nikon133 Posts: 2,600member


    Originally Posted by Sandyf View Post

    I believe the goal is simply to demonstrate that "the look" is indeed a copy of the iPhone.

    Perhaps better than duck tape obscuring logos, just a simple digital image of both phones with any reference to brand, photoshopped out. Keep it simple...and a good image can hit it home. 

    Except that phones are not being sold without logos. Why not hide dedicated shutter button as well, for example, on phones that have it) to show that rest of the design is really looklike?


    Jury should see them exactly the same way ordinary buyers see them.

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    Originally Posted by Neo42 View Post

    Nice move Apple, obscure Samsung's logo to make the products look more alike.  Very smooth.

    Look at that Samsung data cable, what can you say? Pathetic. Samsung couldn't even come up with their own design for a data cable. That's a shame.

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