RIM executive shakeup continues with new COO, CMO



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    This "shakeup" is like "shaking" a box of beetles you collected but forgot about and are now all dead. Shake all you want, dem beetles are still dead.

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    Originally Posted by A Grain of Salt View Post

    "Kristian Tear will serve as RIM's new chief operating officer. He comes to the struggling smartphone maker from Sony Mobile Communications, where he served as executive vice president."


    "Kristian and Frank bring extensive knowledge of the rapidly changing wireless global market..."


    Of course Kristian knows about  the rapidly changing wireless global market. He's got all sorts of experience seeing how fast it changed and how his old company got completely left behind with that change. Sounds like a great pick-up for RIM.


    I thought about that same thing when I read the story. However, I doubt RIM stole Kristian away from Sony. He was dog-paddling in the Pacific when they signed him on. It looks like this century's "Golden Parachute" is a Life Preserver and a Fishing Gaff.

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    macky the mackymacky the macky Posts: 4,771member


    Originally Posted by anonymouse View Post

    I guess the fact that the CMO was replaced indicates they realized just how dumb the Wake up/Be bold ad campaign is.


    "Wake Up" was the message to the existing RIM management. "Be Bold" was aimed at the management people they are trying to take aboard their sinking ship. The present campaign will be retired with the new slogan which will be, "We ain't sinking as fast as the other guys."

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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    Nah, they just need a new marketing slogan. "WAKE UP" is the new "AMATEUR HOUR IS OVER."

    After the WAKE UP didn't succeed they try the SHAKE UP. image

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