Photos of Ashton Kutcher in character as Steve Jobs surface



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    Did they say Two and a Half Men 'star'? Must have been a typo. Should have been Two and a Half Men destructor. That show stinks to high heaven now because of Kutcher. He can't even grow a half way decent looking beard. What a mistake.


    When I heard all the hype about Two and a Half Men I checked it out on my local free-to-air. I haven't seen it pre-Kutcher, but post-Kutcher, something was disturbing about the whole show. After one or two episodes, I didn't go back to it. Plus I didn't get why for at least two episodes the "Half" man was never featured? Plus fart and low-brow sex jokes, no thanks. That said, Kutcher does have potential as an actor and I'm sure he's trying to move on from the typical 70's show / Dude Where's My Car "airhead".

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    Double fail.  


    Your link requires Flash and American Citizenship.  :/


    That'll teach you expats! image

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