Benchmarks hint at next-gen Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro, iMac



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    Well, no surprise but I was banned from MacRumors.  I would say it is a loss but it really isn't.


    I am now thinking about starting a series of websites; Microsoft Pro, Android Pro, etc. to discuss how much those products suck.  I have a really excellent example of how this is done.


    The ban hammer of MacRumors is a badge of distinction amongst technology fans as far as I am concerned.  Really the equivalent of negative campaign ads from the opposing political party; they wouldn't be negative if they weren't concerned.

    Why would you (or anyone) waste your time creating hate sites? In case you're wondering, I think smear campaigns are idiocy.

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    AMD has released their Trinity APUs today. I still see these as a good chips for Apples AIR MacBooks. Of course like Intel the release is limited in scope right now.

    It would give Apple a way to reduce the price of the AIRs. This would nicely balance the line with respect to the Intel based high end models.
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    Wow. That Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro, if legit, is running almost at the performance level of the fastest shipping iMac. :-0


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    Originally Posted by Hudson1 View Post

    Perhaps Pros with a discrete GPU and Airs w/o a discrete GPU?


    With the 40% faster integrated GPU that is in Ivy Bridge, MBP 15" might only see the very top-end 15" have discrete GPUs. Everything else, Intel.




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    What do people make of the fact that they are running 10.8 - surprise early release?



    Originally Posted by AndreiD View Post

    Nah probably the latest beta developer build


    +1 This



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    There are plenty of professional users out there that GPU's don't really mean all that much to to get their work done.  Audio professionals for example.  Not everyone needs super graphics.


    If by tons of rumors you mean a multitude of sites reporting the same rumor, then yes, there are tons of rumors saying that


    Indeed, Ivy Bridge GPU combined with the beastly power of a Ivy Bridge laptop CPU, suggests only one or two 15" and 17" MBPs need discrete GPUs that are powerful enough to justify their "discreetness".



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    I just visited the website that originally reported this story.  As much as we might complain about AppleInsider, this website would need to get much, much worse to match the steaming cesspool that is MacRumors.  An editor at MacRumors commented that they "had enough of Apple" and were switching to Dell simply because Apple didn't have an Ivy Bridge laptop available "right now."  The person in question felt strongly enough to post on an Apple rumors website and link his personal blog as well.  I was a long time member of MacRumors and slowly noticed myself perusing their articles but not knowing why, after not visiting for some time I returned today (to check out the original story).  Honestly, MacRumors should be renamed Anti-AppleForums.


    WTF does a person like that have any business being an editor on an Apple rumors website?


    AppleInsider has issues but thank goodness for this website.  Please change the forums back though!


    I left MacRumors a long while back, like five years I think. You'll be welcome here, at least until you commit forum harakiri, as some have done. They (including me, unfortunately, in the past) get so heated on a topic one way or another it just blows up by someone getting personal, ad hominem, and so on.


    Ignore MacRumors, hang around on AppleInsider, and Tallest Skil is a decent dude to chat with (though incendiary at times).


    As some have noticed, I've taken a few months away from forums, Facebook and Twitter. Personally, we all spend too much time mired in the online world, stroking our egos, much like we stroke that other thing... It does stem from lack of finding proper outlets to vent, low or uncontrolled self-esteem, lack of focus, lack of reasonable tasks and so on. I'm not dumping on all forum users, it's just the dark side which we're all familiar with.


    That said, I know some people here, were we to ever meet in person, we'd have a nice time having a beer at the bar. That's what I regret most about online experiences, it's actually a great way to spend time, but no way to transfer to the real world given that collection of interests spans across very diverse geographies (unless you're talking about SF and NYC or London).


    I've always thought, if I had just 10 of my best friends that are around the world in one city, I'd die happy in that city. We travel and live at the ends of the Earth, and sometimes we just crave to walk around the corner and have a friendly chat with a familiar face that shares our deep interests.


    Cheers, and now, back to work for me. And tonight I have a date with Eizo Auditorre. Magnifico!

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