Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hired as 'tutor' for Sony's Steve Jobs film



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    You're seriously out of touch.  That's not a given at all.  Sorkin is a brilliant writer.  The success of his projects speak for themselves.  His upcoming series The Newsroom on HBO will be a huge hit.  As a big fan of Apple and their products, Sorkin will treat the jobs legacy with respect, but will not shy away from the tough issues surrounding his personality.



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    That's a given. A real prediction would give a metric for how MUCH worse it will be. image

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    The success of his projects speak for themselves.


    I couldn't care less about that. I care about accuracy and quality. If he can produce a quality product that is accurate, then it falls on the actors to do it justice.

    You can make crap out of beauty, but you can't make beauty out of crap. It can only be as good as it's written.

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