First look: iOS 6 brings Siri to iPad, adds Facebook integration



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    Great move by Apple IMO - I'm excited about it.  It'll be really nice to be able to upload photos to FB w/out having to go through the app.

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    Originally Posted by Freshmaker View Post

    Great move by Apple IMO - I'm excited about it.  It'll be really nice to be able to upload photos to FB w/out having to go through the app.

    It's great for those who want it.  It would also be great for Apple to remove the "send to Facebook" and "send to Twitter" shortcuts for those who don't wish to enable the feature.  Then everyone would have the best of both worlds.  I don't feel like sharing my entire life. Others do.  Enable the features ONLY when the user wants them there.

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    I am now fairly confident that Facebook will soon be on the way out. It feels very out dated and is mostly playing catch up with smarter rivals than genuinely innovating.  They may be smart enough to pull something out of th bag and sustain themselves over the long haul but for the moment I see it as the Yahoo of the future: used a lot and profitable but on a slow course to being history.


    I am very excited by the Maps and the Siri enhancements, although being UK based and am worried we won't get all of the new functionality in the same way we don't have all of the current.


    I think Siri has huge potential going forward but, it does strike me that it needs one simple change to have a chance of realising that potential. We need to be able to type a siri command rather than just speak one. I suspect many people don't use it for the awkwardness of speaking into it in a public or even private place.  If you could type a command into it then I can see Google suddently realising they need to start playing serious catch up.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    I believe this is the case. Hang on, I'll check in iOS 5.

    Yes, this is the case. With no Twitter account set up and no application installed, you still see "Tweet" in the dropdown in iOS 5.


    I assume the same holds true for iOS 6, but I can't check that. I would be ecstatic, certainly, if it wasn't the case, despite being unable to use it.

    Yeah, Apple is going to shove this FaceBook crap down our throats no matter if we LIKE it or not.  I don't use Twitter, don't have a Twitter account, yet that noise for Twitter gets in the way everywhere in iOS5.


    What a waste of time and money.  There are so many more useful and productive things Apple could be having engineers work on.  


    I wonder when they will add Compuserve and AOL integration?    What about CB radio integration?  Or fax integration?   We need every form of communication for retards covered.

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