GM's Chevy Spark, Sonic first with Siri Eyes Free for iPhone



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    Siri eyes free as "a nice feature to go along with Sync."?  I don't own a Ford with Sync, the only thing I know about it I know from commercials, but Siri Eyes Free sounds like a replacement to Sync to me.  That's why Ford isn't onboard due to their investment in Sync and partnership with Microsoft.


    I just bought a Ford Explorer so I do have Sync. Siri does do basically everything Sync does. When iOS6 is released, Siri will offer more features that would go along well with Ford Sync. But yes, Siri would be a replacement for Ford Sync Services. That works by having your paired phone call a number and it gives you directions, sports scores, weather, plus more. I believe  Sync Services costs money. My Explorer includes Sync Services free for 3 years. Ford Sync doesn't cost anything since that's build in to your Ford Vehicle. Ford also has Sirius Travel Link as well that gives you sports scores, weather radar, weather forecast, movie listings, gas prices, plus more, That competes with Ford Sync Services since you are paying Sirius, so I don't see why Ford isn't on board from that aspect. But as you say, I think the main reason is Ford's investment into developing Sync and their partnership with Microsoft. 

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