After 5 years, Apple's iPhone has generated $150B in revenue



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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    [quote name="LuxoM3" url="/t/150939/after-5-years-apples-iphone-has-generated-150b-in-revenue#post_2135532"]So how about spending a little of that $150B on a truly remarkable/stable iOS6? Maybe one that doesn't crash or freeze up? Or one that tells me that the app I just bought doesn't work with my older iTouch or iPhone?[/QUOTE]

    Dunno, but I'll venture it would take over $150,000,000,000 to educate you on how utterly foolish that comment makes you sound.

    [QUOTE]I know it's fun to be on a winning team, but really, what's so great about the iPhone since 2007?[/QUOTE]

    What's so bad about it?

    [QUOTE]…believe me, I was an Apple fan before most of you guys got out of diapers.[/QUOTE]

    Standard troll overcompensation, yeah.
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    mechanicmechanic Posts: 805member
    wow 30 billion a year lol if you divide that out. That is a lot of money.
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    timothyrtimothyr Posts: 1member
    Another nice infographic here to show the huge success of the iPhones.–-timeline-success
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