Apple possibly prepping premium podcast model for iOS 6



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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,949member
    You're assuming that Apple always has a plan in place.  Power Macintosh G5 "Quad Core" (2.5) [watercooled, a technique abandonned after that model by Apple dat haz a plan], iDisk and MobileMe, FaceTime, Dashcode, iBooks would like to have a word with you.

    Why is the G5 Quad in that list? Is it about the G5 or the cooling? I don't know why water cooling was abandoned, but it had a reputation for failing a lot and leaking. I don't understand why iBooks is there either.
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    Premium, paid for podcasts have been around for years, and they work fine in iTunes. (they require a user name and password log-in)  They're not supported in Apple's dreadful new podcast app though, which I'm tempted to say is the worst piece of software Apple have written in years.  Well, until iOS6 maps of course, which will surely be awarded that grubby little crown.


    I use Downcast for podcasts on my iPhone, and while it's not perfect, it's vastly superior to Apple's podcast app, and it supports premium podcasts. 

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    misterkmisterk Posts: 18member

    I've been surprised at how few really great podcasts there are. Apple must be disappointed too. They essentially made radio broadcasting available to anyone. If you have a Mac with Garageband, you have the tools you need to create any show about anything you want and distribute it to a world-wide audience. This must have sounded like the next coming of media to everyone involved at the outset. But we still have maybe 20 really great podcasts altogether. Turns out that to really get production quality up, some people need to make their livings from this. If the content is good enough then a person should be able to charge for their work. This makes sense. It's just another option. If your favorite podcaster doesn't want to charge, I'm sure they won't be forced to. But content is content and if a podcast is more enjoyable than a tv show, then I'm happy to pay more for that podcast than the tv show. Time is agnostic.


    All this said, Apple needs to improve their tools a bit. I was with Apple all the way, from Garageband to MobileMe to iTunes. Yes... I was one of the few that paid for MobileMe. So what I didn't understand was why there wasn't a button in Garageband called "Publish Podcast" and then it just showed up in iTunes? I was certainly already paying Apple for webspace. Instead I had to get an account with Feedburner and host the files somewhere after finding documentation. Apple has a real opportunity here to be a pioneer in popularizing podcasting more than it is. This is a sore point. Unlike many developers, I think that a problem is not truly solved until the solution is in its simplest terms. Apple has not solved Podcasting yet. 

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    solipsismx wrote: »
    Just because one wears a tinfoil hat doesn't mean you still can't suffer a concussion.

    Now THAT's a punchline!
    jeffdm wrote: »
    Why is the G5 Quad in that list? Is it about the G5 or the cooling? I don't know why water cooling was abandoned, but it had a reputation for failing a lot and leaking.

    Didn't understand any of that rambling myself. My G5 never leaked, and actually still works.
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    wizard69 wrote: »
    There was at one time a very good developer oriented podcast that eventually went off iTunes to enable paid distribution. Though I lost track of it, it was worth at least a couple of bucks a year. My biggest fear would be producers overcharging for this comtent.
    The fact is I would be more likely to pay for a quality podcast through Apple then to have to keep track of a bunch of individual suppliers. It is the same as Mac App store where i switched over to app store apps as soon as possible. It is far better to check for updates once than to have to look all over the web or hope that the developer uses Sparkle.
    I'm not sure why people complain when Apple tries to do the right thing. If implemented right and developer don't get too proud of their works it could be a huge win for Apple and those producers.

    I agree 100%. I have done the same with the MAS. So much easier.
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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,949member
    philboogie wrote: »
    Now THAT's a punchline!
    Didn't understand any of that rambling myself. My G5 never leaked, and actually still works.

    I'm sure plenty still worked fine, but it seemed like they had a higher than comfortable leak rate.
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    Originally Posted by troehl View Post

    Actually, when you stop and think about it there really isn't much different between subscribing to a season of a TV show in iTunes and subscribing to a video podcast. 

    Production value?

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    Originally Posted by Shaun, UK View Post

    God forbid Apple should miss out on another opportunity to extract their pound of flesh. 


    Chill a bit would ya. This is just a rumor and even if it is true it is an opportunity for the creators who may have been asking for it. Apple isn't apparently requiring anyone to charge for their podcasts so if someone does that is up to them, not Apple. 

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