News Corp's money losing 'The Daily' put 'on watch' - report



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    Rupert Murdoch is poison to anything he touches, and an anathema to progression. I wouldn't touch one of News Corps apps, or content with any device.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


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    Kate Upton. Nuff said.

    Might just be me, but I don't find her attractive. I do appreciate her not being an anorexic psych job, however. That's the wrong image to project.

    All right, then what about the female dinosaur? She has a sweet smile.

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    Is it just me? Why pay for on-line news subscriptions services?


    Because it has value? Do you feel everything "on-line" should be free because it's digital? Does holding something physical in your hand make you feel better about handing over cash for it?

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    quinney wrote: »
    All right, then what about the female dinosaur? She has a sweet smile.

    I only find sentience attractive.
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    BTW, you and Melgross are two of the best mods AI has ever had.


    Keep taking the tablets

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    Glad to see another Murdoch rag going down the toilet.


    Now if the UK or US authorities could just arrest, prosecute and stick him in prison where he belongs that would be a cause for celebration.

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    Good riddance I say. Wish all of NewsCorp news TV/papers goes down the toilet where they belong.
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    The "1.0" Daily app (the one publicised by Apple) was very slow and buggy. It's better now but I wonder if they ever recovered from that poor launch?
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    All right, then what about the female dinosaur? She has a sweet smile.


    A smile is the sexiest thing you can wear. 


    Dang I didn't know I was missing out on dino-porn.


    Why is cutting costs the first step (or likely it is not)? Why not find ways to increase subscription rates. perhaps even by lowering the subscription rate. Didn't Apple effectively prove that you could make a lot of money by selling digital copies of your content at low low prices? 


    I do have a number of magazine subscriptions - some of which are likely more than the daily - but it would seem that a lower price would attract more customers. or maybe some option to buy the yearly subscription at a discount. 


    I am not sure how some magazines stay in business (selling ad space I guess), two of mine that I originally got to help the kid's school drive for about $30 a year sent me a renewal for 1 year at $5 per title. of course they are very popular mags with millions of subscribers - maybe tens of millions. 

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    I enjoy the Daily. The price is right in comparison to the excellent WSJ and NYT apps. The design and responsiveness have improved greatly since it was introduced. I do think the unsubtle editorial voice bleeding through to the news section has cost it some readers. Plus the gossip section has become the entertainment section. There are some really good stories in the Daily and some great opinions, but you have to wade through a great deal of fluff to find them. Thankfully the new index makes it very easy to read just the stories you want to.


    On the whole, I prefer the shameless enviro-preaching of Popular Science to the gossip and sports-heavy Daily. If they go under that gives me more time to read Zite, Flipboard, SkyGrid, USA Today, Pulse, and River of News (all of which are free).

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