Apple TV sales up 170%, reaches installed base of 6.8 million AirPlay-ready HDTVs



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    kotatsu wrote: »
    For my money the Roku is currently a better offering, as it simply offers far more content. Most of it is admittedly abysmal, but amongst the sewage are a few gems. ATV is just too bare bones, it desperately needs an app store.

    Better than both however is the X360. It has most of the top streaming services, and it also happens to be a rather good games console.

    Jailbreak it and install XBMC.
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    Originally Posted by kotatsu View Post


    Why would you include ATV in iOS sales?  As it's a closed platform, ATV sales are a total irrelevance to developers.


    So relevance to developers is an important metric, that would explain why iPad and iPod Touch sales are included with iPhones when Android sales are compared to iOS...


    ...oh, hang on they aren't.

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