Apple focuses on quality products not money, says designer Jonathan Ive



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    Originally Posted by Mr. H View Post

    Slurpy, perhaps you have a point. I used to be a lot more active in moderating the forums and went to great lengths to ensure that discussion stayed on topic and to make sure that out-and-out trolls with no intention in engaging in reasoned debate were banned.

    However, I am at a stage in my life where I simply cannot afford to freely give the time required to do that job properly. I asked the site's owners if they would be able to remunerate me but I never received a reply so now all moderation-related emails from this site go straight into my bin without me reading them.

    Before yesterday, I hadn't performed any moderation at AI since the switch to the new board platform. I now regret getting involved because it's reminded me how much of my time it sucks up! If you have issues you need to talk to other moderators, sorry.


    Still doesn't explain why you specifically took the time and effort to reprimand/threaten me for calling out the trolling, while ignoring the blatant trolls themselves. As for the other moderators you mention, doesn't seem to be any moderation going on whatsoever. The amount of new registrations with posts simply attacking/mocking Apple as well as everyone here the past month or so has been non-stop, as well as long time trolls that have hundreds of posts, completely unchallenged. 

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    slurpy wrote: »
    Still doesn't explain why you specifically took the time and effort to reprimand/threaten me

    It seems you misinterpreted my tone. My intention was not to reprimand or threaten you. I was trying to compliment you on your post but make it clear that I didn't agree with all of it.
    slurpy wrote: »
    the blatant trolls themselves

    The point is that a single post doesn't make a troll. Like I said, I shouldn't have got involved if I didn't have the time to investigate mcrs's posting history. Again I apologise.
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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    He could be at the Olympics scoping out the talent for all we know.

    After Effects?

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    If Apple's goal was to "make money" - as in, like Acer, HP, Samsung, and the other also-rans, they wouldn't engage in a vertical business model. 


    A vertical business model is *rarely* a big money-maker, especially if you're unwiling to take huge risks. That's why so few in the industry (really, only Apple) have the guts to do it. 

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    Originally Posted by lightknight View Post

    After Effects?


    That or Motion/Shake, and quite obviously staged, given the ending.

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