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Our venerable HP 5740 Inkjet printer died (I had planned on going first) -- won't feed paper... and We're stuck with $200 worth of ink cartridges that won't run in newer models.


We just need a small footprint, light-duty, reliable, good quality color printer... some occasional pictures.


It appears that most of the printers available today are all-in-one devices -- printer. scanner, copier, fax, toaster, refrigerator... Oh, sorry Tim.



We already have a scanner that we seldom use (birth certs and recipes), so we don't need that, a copier or fax.



I am looking for recommendations... would even consider paying more for a color laser (or whatever) printer.







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    well this going to sound like heresy round here given current trials and tribulations - Samsung, there I said it..Really they are making some great laser printers that are a snap to configure on a network. Fast, duplexing is a breeze and even work with idevices using the Samsung mobile print app, free dl. Even the cost of their consumables is cheaper than many of the established brands.
    fwiw - I wouldn't go back to ink unless I needed wide format for some reason.

    The ease of config compared to what I have put up with in the past from hp, canon, epson, Kyocera was in my experience fantastic.
    ymmv but I think they're great and wouldn't hesitate to buy another.
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