New 'Burner' app lets iPhone users create temporary, disposable phone numbers



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    blah64 wrote: »
    I don't see anything that says you can make OUTGOING calls with this Burner app.  If that was true, then I'd be a bit worried about the issues you mention, but because there is actually a cost to creating every one of these numbers, telemarketers and spammers probably aren't going to use something like this very much.  Also, if not for the temporary-email sites I'd never sign up for anything online. Ever.  So I'm very thankful for them; mailinator rocks!

    Can anyone confirm or anti-confirm that it's possible to make "disguised" outgoing calls?

    It would be a fairly limited tool if it didn't.

    I really like this app idea. People automatically assume nefarious or lecherous purposes, but even when you've just met someone in a legitimate setting, you don't really know them yet. Whether it''s a date, a business deal, a co-worker, or whatever, it would be a nice bit of peace of mind to be able to use a number that you could just turn off if they turn out to be stalker-ish.
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    A bigger thnx for getting the video on your post...




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    Free service to do this:


    You can probably do this from a browser on your phone, but from your desktop browser, you can do this for any phone, not just smartphones.


    As far as I know, it allows you to receive calls at the temporary number, but it won't mask outgoing calls.

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    Originally Posted by Kayle View Post

    Free service to do this:


    I was greeted on that site by a giant picture of a woman cringing. That's the last time I'll ever consider this site at any time for any purpose.

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    And still not available in the UK. However I was able to find another app which does the same job and it does it very good! It's called Bayanumba -
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    I stumbled upon this app last night and installed it just to see how it works and its really pretty cool. People with n[B][B][B][/B][/B][/B]egative intentions dont need an app to make those negative intentions happen,they can make a negative situation out of just about anything so lay off the app and let people judge it for themselves.
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    Hexidecimal phone numbers!


    "We're sorry, you must first dial an 'A', '6', 'C', or '9' and then the number of your…"

    *hang up*

    Letters mean numbers, or did you forget that?
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    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    Letters mean numbers, or did you forget that?


    I’ve never liked that setup. Hex phone numbers on a brand new phone system (with ALAC audio streams) would be better.

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