New Apple retail VP John Browett planned to cut jobs to raise profits



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    If Steve was still the boss, he would fired both Cook and Browett, seriously.

    Prove it.

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    If Steve was still the boss, he would fired both Cook and Browett, seriously.


    Steve hired and groomed Cook so no, he likely wouldn't. 


    Fact is that it was a misstep. It's going to happen. Hell a lot of folks are saying that Apple was a bit too quick in releasing iOS 6 given that apparently they suspended basically all 'real world' testing after the iphone 4 lost and rumored 4s lost. Since it never went out in the world they should have done more bug testing via the developers, perhaps had them do the 'real world' etc. 


    There are a number of employees at any retail store that are a waste. They are slow, lazy, don't bother keeping up with the right info etc. They are also often late, take breaks longer than they are allowed, disappear to go to the bathroom every other minute so they can text the girl/boyfriend. Those folks need to be removed because they not only don't create the right experience they often destroy others attempts. Combine this with the folks that were hired knowing they were seasonal for the Olympics and attempts to get staff in the stores at the times that they are needed and not have too many folks during dead times and there are going to be 'growing pains'. Browett probably did suspend hiring, in order to evaluate what the stores really need. Some might need more sales folks, some might need more service. And where they hiring quality or just bodies. There was a time when Apple's employees seemed to be quality folks with great customer service skills etc. Now more than half the sales folks feel like they are just any other kid off the street who doesn't know and rarely cares. They can't be bothered to pick up a piece of trash that is right in front of them. 


    And yet the blogs, in typical hit whoring style, hyped it up perhaps way beyond what it should have been. Mainly because they have no clue what it going on. Especially any clue about whether or not Steve would have supported this. Steve was number one on the quality front. He had pushed back store openings because the tables weren't the right shade of wood or the railings weren't burnished the 'right' way. That tells me that yes he might have supported changing up the retail system including staffing etc. So while the details were perhaps a bit off in the execution, the intent was probably something that yes Steve would have done. 

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