Fired Apple employee claims Jobs promised him job security, files wrongful termination suit



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    Originally Posted by DESuserIGN View Post

    *Nobody* can expect job security.

    But Apple should make good on the stock deal.

    Just to clarify, when I posted this my intention was not to criticize the guy. I was just stating the hard truth. I probably should have said,


    " *Nobody* can expect job security anymore."


    Also I think Apple should make good on the spirit of the stock agreement. I assume it has to do with options and vesting. Since they are firing him out of the blue, they should at least vest him proportionally, even if he wasn't sharp enough to negotiate that point.    (I know, I'm a dreamer to think multinational corporations and their executives should act with integrity, especially in a time when "respected national officials" etc. try to justify (or hide) possessing off-shore accounts, etc.)

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    Originally Posted by bdkennedy1 View Post

    He won't win. Steve is dead and no company is required to keep an employee for their lifetime.

    Your probably right that he won't win. And indeed, ". . . no company is required to keep an employee for their lifetime." But I don't think that is exactly his assertion.

    The outcome will all depend on the nature of the agreement, if there was one, and of the documentary evidence, if any exists. 

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    radar wrote: »
    Well let's hope for the future of Apple that he (or the next CEO in waiting) is. Too often big corporations forget the most basic rule. Long before The Customer, the most important part of a company is its People. If you can identify and retain visionary, talented individuals, keep them happy, treat them with respect, keep them looking ahead instead of back over their shoulders waiting for the axe to fall, you'll remain a leader in your field. Anything less eventually leads to a culture of fear, loss of respect, an eventual brain drain, and spells the end of the game. 

    Best post of August. I too am discovering that. I have just started freelancing again and there's collaborators and contractors I'm looking for. And in the "tech scene" in my city I can already see the good people being snapped up... "Good" as in passionate, honest, live by their values, have something special, yet not too over-the-top.

    Steve was the master at leading, indeed, as you mention, a collaboration between Customers and People of Apple.

    Tim Cook can maintain momentum for 2012-2017 because the rest of the world is still catching on to the amazing stuff that Steve+Apple did.

    2015-2020 will be where crunch time comes. Apple could still be very successful, but will it become more like another Samsung/ Sony/ Google/ Microsoft?
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    People always give feedback without knowing the reason. This company is so different from inside, you will be surprised to know. It is not what it looks from outside.

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