First Look: Facebook integration in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2



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    this, IMO, could really be helpful to businesses using social media sites for promotions and ads.. and of course, beneficial for those who "can't live without Facebook and Twitter".

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    droiddroid Posts: 38member

    I think this 'Share' button is very similar to the 'Services menu' that we have always had in OS X (usually seen via a right click, but it is also in the application menu) - it came from the NeXTSTEP days. The 'old Services' allows you to do many things like filter text & send items to apps based on the context you were in. Sadly most users don't see what is not put right in front of them with an icon to prod, so the feature never really gets widespread usage or acclaim despite it's incredible power.


    The Share button is an 'internet enabled' version of Services & has been added to the Apple UI. Unfortunately Apple have decided to make it directly integrated into the OS releases instead of the old services model that allowed 3rd party apps to add to the list of options. Users could also disable the unwanted services in System Preferences. 


    The issue I have is that if I sign in to Facebook in Safari, will the OS be able to use that login for the Share button too? How about using a game that requires the scores to use a Facebook login, will that app get it's account settings from the OS? Do those settings only go from the OS to apps or can the apps cause the OS to start using that account too?


    I imagine the OS level integration is so Apple can check what is accessed & sent by the the share feature, it's probably made by Apple developers too not by Facebook etc.


    I think it would make sense to add this as an option to App Store API's.

    e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Glassboard, Instapaper, Diaspora, Tumblr... create their own apps that have a 'Share' service component. That component could appear in the list of Share options that appear in the popup based on user context. The app can also include it's own notifications etc. Users could install the App & disable the share options if they desire to tweak settings. Developers get to add new share features as their API's mature & change. Apple doesn't need to be the maintainer of the code that runs the services if they are not in the OS.


    Apple would still have final control over what is sent & accessed via its App Store rules, but other apps could benefit from the single share button. It could also mean the share button could be hidden or disabled if the user doesn't need them (Corporations and Education establishments may not want users accessing Facebook).


    Hopefully Apple will mature this feature as time goes on & allow some user control & 3rd party developer access, but to me it is disappointing that they chose this way to integrate it. They seem to be choosing the iOS model of locking out third parties for a few years until the competition make it into a must have feature for 3rd party developer API's. Users get 2 years of features that haven't been completely thought out.


    Even now non-Apple developers still don't have access to the Share button across all of iOS, why should OS X follow this limited model?


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    wow! this is a good news! easier to link in fb.... innovation is really cool

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    Originally Posted by ghostface147 View Post

    The Facebook integration doesn't work for me. It's all setup, but I never get notifications. Never tells me when people comment nor show new wall posts. Odd.



    I thought this is a good news! Hmmm really odd!

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