BBC iPlayer iOS app to offer free content downloads to subscribers



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    It may be Global, but it still isn't available in the US!


    Diddy says: "Nope.  This has nothing to do with the BBC America which is a separate division of the BBC.  iPlayer has never been available to the US and that isn't going to change with this announcement.  None of the US broadcasters are going to be impacted by this whatsoever."


    I rarely watch broadcast or cable TV anymore. On the other hand I would be perfectly happy to pay for the privilege of watching BBC programming on demand, on my iPad. Broadcasters be damned.

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    andyapple wrote: »
    Unfortunately as of this date the BBC iPlayer is still not available from the App Store in the United States in any form whatsoever.

    IMHO the BEEB should make an App that accesses the vast majority of their programming on demand for those outside the UK with some sort of fee attached which is low enough to gain a large clientele (IDK, maybe $25 a year?). This would bring in fresh revenue for the BBC. I know many friends here in the USA that love British TV and I suspect it would sell in the millions priced right. The beauty is for the BBC they have zero issues with advertising complexities and licensing of anything but their own content so could go global.

    Ironically I guess they'd have to block the use of such an app in Britain unless they restructured their internal licensing system. As TVs give way more and more to internet access they may well have to do this anyway in the long run.
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    Originally Posted by KiltedGreen View Post


    We don't all pay a fee - I have had no TV since 2003 and so have no licence and don't pay the BBC. You do not need a TV licence to watch the iPlayer as you can discover by reading the T&C on the BBC's website (Section 3.2.2 here ). Given that content is only available on iPlayer after the event (as far as I know) that's pretty difficult anyway!


    I'm aware of that loop hole and it obviously needs to be closed. The BBC make the best content in the world, to not pay for it just isn't cricket.

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