Apple's iPhone tops JD Power satisfaction survey for 8th straight time



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    boredumbboredumb Posts: 1,415member

    I especially love the way they put in that "study average" bar,

    just so they could put Samsung below that bar...


    But also, folks, and I'm not a statistician, but I suspect that if the average is 783, it should explain how the gradient

    (probably not the precisely correct term) in the graph works.

    The bottom score isn't zero, and 400 is off the graph, to refer to a previous post.

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    Apple wins these every year, for obvious reasons. 


    Most of the competition is running Android. Yes, ANDROID. That alone, means that they won't be taking first place in customer satisfaction where there is an iOS device also in the running. By default. 

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    Well done again Apple, not surprised though, the iPhone is a top class product.

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    Originally Posted by Slurpy View Post


    I love how all these insane daily activation numbers keep being announced (the lastest being 1.3 million) yet the usage metrics (ie. browser usage) never, ever reflect that reality. Either  90% of those phones are thrown in a well right after activation, or... I dunno. 

    I know of a few android users who would have been part of this difference in numbers

    They bought a several yrs back Samsung smartphone on an entry level plan.  They don't have a data plan, which is optional with some entry level plans.

    They may use WiFi very occasionally, but I know of one such Samsung  sPhone user who never uses it to access the web. That sPhone is used for a few android Apps only.

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