Apple confirms 1.1% of iCloud users affected by mail outage



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    Hope the media picks this much for market share.


    What does it matter? And what does that mean? It's 1.1 percent. You'll be compensated if you ask.

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    I don't think it's regional. Mine is down too. These are probably accounts that are on a single server. I hope this doesn't wipe all email off my account.
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    36 hours without email here in North Carolina. Paying .mac/.me customer since inception of service. Had to start a new gmail account in order to keep doing business. Not happy.

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    It's certainly widespread. I live in Maiden NC (home of Apple's new server farm), and no .Mac mail since late Monday night. I left Tuesday morning for a business trip, and still couldn't and can not receive eMail while in Atlanta, Denver and Minneapolis. Very frustrating....
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    Yea! I'm finally in the 1%! Woohoo! Oh, wait, aw [email protected]
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    On my 4th call to Apple about iCloud email still not working just now, I was told the following:
    "With the announcement of the new iPhone 5, we are overhauling our servers, which will be down until further notice."

    Does this make any sense? This has never happened before. Today is usually like Christmas for iPhone users, and the only thing that ever goes down is the online store. They might as well start advertising for Gmail with this new iPhone. Appalling.
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    Originally Posted by Ryan Siegel View Post

    Does this make any sense?


    That they would outright say "iPhone 5" before launch or claim anything about what would be at the announcement? No.


    "Appalling" my foot. Come on.

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    Down in OKC since Sept. 10 @ 8:38 p.m.  Fix this, Apple!  

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    2 days is pretty ridiculous.  Maybe they want us to switch emails?  Seems like they care more about hardware at the end of the day anyway. 


    I also wonder if this issue is affecting more legacy .mac users - and therefore more people who are more reliant on their email service.

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    I've been down in Dallas since 12/10 before 12 midnight.  I have talked with Apple help and have taken my laptop to an Apple store yesterday.  I wonder if this persistent outage has more to do with 9/11 renewed attacks than it does the new iPhone5.  Or am I going f'ing paranoid since I can't see my e-mails.

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    Got back in finally, but all mail from 9/8 - present is missing.  Status says "Mail access is being restored for all users. Users may experience delays with incoming messages sent during the service interruption. Normal service will be restored ASAP."  Wonder how long it will take to restore.


    Edit:  New emails show up, just had one of my Monday emails just appeared.  Anyone else seeing the same thing?

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    mail came back on about an hour ago for me

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    I've been down since 6:53 on 9/10. Just came back up about an hour ago.  All my previous emails have been restored.  Receiving emails seems to be still slow, however.  Yesterday morning, when I was trying to figure out what was going on, the Apple Support advisor, Mark, immediately told me about the outage, called me back 3 times during the day to check to see if I was back up (because there were evidently at least 3 issues going on), gave me a status report on the overall problem each time, and made sure I knew the status link to check when he was leaving for the day.


    I would say that was pretty good customer support.  This is the first time I have ever experienced this kind of issue with Apple, and certainly not for this long.  (I have been a Mac user for about 25 years.)


    Berate Apple?  Switch to gmail?  Tell people the company's suddenly lost its touch?  Not a chance!  What's wrong with you people?

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    Having a similar experience.  Came back online about 4:00 p.m. CST.  Grateful to be no longer among the 1%!

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