Apple lists iOS 6 feature availability by country

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Less than a day after Apple took the wraps off its new iPhone 5, the company has published a list showing what upcoming iOS 6 features will be available internationally when the mobile operating system rolls out on Sept. 19.

Apple's "iOS 6 Feature Availability" webpage, first discovered by Asymco, includes an exhaustive list of countries that will get access to Maps, Siri, the iTunes Store, Dictation and the App Store on launch. The page can also be viewed in a number of languages.

Each category is broken down into subsections, for example the standard version of Maps will be available in a variety of countries when iOS 6 debuts, however access to turn-by-turn navigation, traffic support and 3D buildings will be limited.

iOS 6 Feature Availability
Source: Apple

It is unclear whether the page will be dynamically updated and maintained, however it serves as a useful tool for those debating whether to upgrade to iOS 6 on launch day.


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    Go USA!
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    Canada gets everything except "3D Buildings in Navigation".
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    Until they admit their bacon is really sliced ham, I'm not surprised.
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    Still not available in UK to download!
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