New Lightning dock connector capable of hosting USB devices - report



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    vaelian wrote:Where did you hear that?
    65C816 wrote:Lightning to USB... so I can hook a mouse up to my iPhone...?! :) :) :)
    That was what the question mark and smileys were for.
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    jragostajragosta Posts: 10,473member
    vaelian wrote: »
    Not missing anything doesn't mean you're using the hardware the way Apple intended to. The point of the jailbreak is t add, not to remove functionality, but the moment you start using a jailbroken implementation as argument your point has been invalidated because the jailbreak does not express Apple's intentions whereas the stock firmware does, and those intentions were my argument..

    You said:
    "A jailbroken iPhone is no longer providing the Apple experience. ."

    I asked you what part of the Apple experience I'm missing - my jailbroken phone does everything a non-jailbroken phone does, plus I can use it with Straight Talk. None of your babbling above answers that. What part of the Apple experience am I missing?
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    Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

    …my jailbroken phone does everything a non-jailbroken phone does, plus I can use it with Straight Talk.

    You mean MMS with Straight Talk. Doesn't it work properly sans that when not jailbroken?

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    Ah, you said 'pocket HD', so I assumed the standard 2.5" port-powered drive.

    Why wouldn't all your movies already be MP4 (or HEVC)?

    Currently, I rip with Mac the Ripper or Rippit. These both put the entire DVD on the hard drive of your choice. You can play them on the Mac just as if you had an actual plastic disc in the optical drive. You can choose just what you want fom the menu. But, they have to be transcoded to run on iDevices (MP4 via iTunes) by using Handbrake, and THIS is a just-so-frustratingly long process! I'm sure you know all this.

    So, I've often thought of an iOS app that would store the ripped discs within it after they are downloaded from a portable HD, flash drive, etc. Seems the Lightning port could come in very handy for this! The content would then play from within the app using the intact DVD menu, via on-the-fly transcoding (or play in it's native format somehow). At least in theory.

    Can this be done? WILL some developer(s) take up the challenge? Many people have thousands of dollars worth of DVD collections and don't fancy spending that again for digital downloads. Besides, most of what we have isn't available digitally anyway.
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    Originally Posted by DeeGee48 View Post

    Currently, I rip with Mac the Ripper or Rippit.


    Wow, didn't know anyone still used that. VLC+HandBrake. You only need the former because HandBrake doesn't include the DVD whatever-you-need-to-do-it. HandBrake is spectacular, and he's already working to include HEVC support. Heck, he might have it done before iTunes or anything else can play those files.

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