Rise in Apple product theft accounts for over 14% of all major crime in NYC



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    isteelers wrote: »
    I find it hard to believe in a city controlled by Liberals (unions, politicians etc), that you would get on one of their lists for "protesting Republicans" and "being Muslim".  If anything, I didn't think they allowed Republicans to live in NYC, outside of Manhattan that is.  I could see the tracking though, just not for the reasons you state.

    The mayor is a Republican.
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    dasanman69 wrote: »
    The mayor is a Republican.

    While I disagree with iSteeler for mixing in politics.... He's an (I) as of 2007. He seems to run under any letter that gets him elected.

    I won't disparage the thieves of NYC for their great taste and business acumen. They know what [re]sells.
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    Uh,... Theft is NOT a major crime, drama queens!


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    jragostajragosta Posts: 10,473member
    pontymax wrote: »
    I've got to say, this is the most dreadfully unclear use of statistics I've ever seen in an article. What does it even mean to say:
    "As of September, incidents involving Apple products represented 204 of the 1 percent rise in bruglaries, 160 percent of the 4 percent bump in robberies and 69 percent of the 9 percent increase in grand larcenies overall" ??
    Was there no-one in the office who had taken Stats 101 who could have helped with the writing of this article?

    I agree. It didn't make much sense to me, either.

    Furthermore, they really didn't define anything. From the way I read it "recorded thefts of Apple products" would include a crime where they stole everything in a house which happened to include one three year old Apple iPod and $50,000 in jewelry and collectibles. It's not really a useful statistic.
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    Many cities around the world would give their left testicle to have 14% of all major crimes be Apple-related, as opposed to, I dunno, genocide, murder, war, pollution, terrorism...
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