Supply of Apple's new iPod touch, iPod nano may be limited at launch



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    Apple's so evil. Blah de fricking blah.

    I'm tough on Apple because I think they are one of the few good ones in the electronic industry who can actually make things significantly better.
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    mr omr o Posts: 1,046member

    Andysol, mark my words because I think the new iPod touch is going to be a game changer! Yep, that's right. A game changer. Not the over-hyped iPhone 5 or iPad mini, but the iPod touch will change the entire industry of point-and shoot camera's.


    At first I thought the iPod Touch was looking a bit juvenile. But its design has grown on me. I pre-ordered the silver/white one. It's way more beautiful than the iPhone and also way more cheaper if you compare it to a 32GB iPhone. Shame Apple didn't offer the option of a silver/black Touch. It would've looked like the original iPhone …


    I am planning to use the new Touch as a phone as well. Who needs monthly data plans when there's Skype and FaceTime for free? I know the Touch is WIFI only, which is great as my Touch will automatically switch off once I am outside the office.


    The loop? I was horrified at first, but I am hooked now. Here's hoping Apple will update their socks in time for Xmas time :)

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