Apple improving 3D Flyover visuals in iOS 6 Maps



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    While when this story first appeared my iPad had the Brooklyn Bridge correction (and dropped a pin straight on Miss Liberty's head) my iPhone 5 still had the wrinkled bridge.

    Over the weekend the wrinkles on the BB went away.

    Varying servers with different image files?

    ... snip ...

    The difference in data could also be attributed to aggressive caching on the device:

    "Vector maps in iOS 6 are so efficient that Apple can cache a very large surrounding area for offline browsing and GPS navigation when traveling outside of WiFi or mobile data coverage."


    Interesting. Hopefully that caching is smart enough that it uses check sums or version tracking for cached data. That seems like a no-brainer.


    Beyond that, intelligent caching could recognize where you spend most of your time and cache map data for that area. For instance, I only leave the Pittsburgh region for occasional vacations and business trips. It would make sense to cache the entire city if possible. Most important would be the street locations and one-way street data.

    Fly-over data? Not so much. In fact I wish there were a way to disable 3D mode and map rotation entirely.

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    Originally Posted by WisdomSeed View Post

    I like Flyover, but I hate that it stops a maddening two miles from my home. Hurry up and finish all of Chicago, or I'm going o get Jesse Jackson Sr. to kick your ass!!


    Are we talking about that well-known blackmailer, or someone else?

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    On the iPhone, Apple’s new maps are far better than Google’s ever were for the following reasons:


    1. Vector maps use less data so Apple maps actually load on the painfully slow AT&T Edge Network (read: antiquated and shitty) many of us are stuck with when navigating rural places. Google’s NEVER did.

    2. Apple’s new caches enough data to continue to work if (when) you lose network data. Google’s NEVER did.

    3. Google maps have often led me miles (sometime 15 or more freaking miles) out of my way, especially in rural areas. Apple's have not failed me, yet…


    Yes, Apple needs more points of interest to flesh out the map data—but Google maps could never reliably indicate a gas station or a diner off a highway exit or even in downtown freaking-ass Baltimore so what the hell was so great about Google maps? Street view? Oh yeah, that's the best thing ever when you're low on gas in the ’hood seven-hundred miles from home and Google shows one gas station 45 minutes away even though there are several within walking distance if it would only tell you where &^*^&%&$%#$@%$#!


    So come on world, keep on bitching about weird looking shit in 3D flyover, that’s worth launching a fresh crusade against Apple, for sure.

    Let’s milk this non-issue FOREVER.


    …Oh, and the New York Times ‘writers’ (except for Pogue) can go piss up a rope—a greater teeming hive of yellow journalists the world has never known.

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    You don't mess with the Brooklyn Bridge yo.

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