Apple starts shipping first Lightning to 30-pin Adapter orders



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    vaelianvaelian Posts: 446member
    I love that you think you can tell me what I was thinking. It's pathetic.

    I love that you keep trying to move the goal posts long after being defeated, it's pathetic! It's not about what you think, it's about what you said. There is no plausible reason to believe you thought anything different from what you said in that thread, unless you were trolling, which only adds to the pile of evidence I'm compiling against you... So, which is it? Were you expressing your honest thoughts or were you downplaying my position in that thread in a clearly failed attempt to subvert the discussion?

    No, you have the burden of proof. You can't just say whatever you want and have it be taken as law simply because you were first to say it.

    That's not how burden of proof works. You have burden of proof because you are making a baseless claim against my formal logical deduction. By default, all copper cables can implement Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, the specifications themselves do not require anything other than generic conductors, they only require a specific number of conductors (which in the case of USB 3.0, the Dock Connector exceeds by over three times whereas the Lightning Connector barely meets the spec), at least for speeds up to 10Gbps (beyond which you may have to go optical, so the Lightning Connector won't do, either).

    Geez, educate yourself already! You should feel embarrassed, your ignorance about pretty much everything is abysmal!

    EDIT: Removed my incorrect reference to an appeal to ignorance fallacy.
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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    Originally Posted by Vaelian View Post

    At the moment there is no evidence that it would be impossible to implement USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, or anything else on the Dock Connector


    How's this for evidence: THE PORT IS DISCONTINUED.


    You want to make a Thunderbolt adapter, grab a soldering iron and have at it. Let us know when it works.



    …your ignorance about pretty much everything is abysmal!


    While yours is based in fantasy and unfulfilled wishes. I'd rather be right than make crap up.

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    zozmanzozman Posts: 393member

    My adapter arrived today :D woowoo, now to adapterate it somewhere :p

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