Apple backs web development resource site Web Platform Docs

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Web Platform Docs, an online knowledge base dedicated to the Open Web Platform that will one day deliver comprehensive references and tutorials for developers, launched in "alpha form" on Monday, with the initiative supported by industry giants Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and others.


Already backed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards body, Web Platform Docs is an ambitious project that looks to become a hub for answers to developers' questions regarding the Open Web Platform.

Due to the open source nature of the online repository, WebPlatform relies on "stewards," or backers which offer support through "content, people, funding, and other contributions." Interestingly, while other major corporations like HP and Mozilla have special webpages on the site outlining their contributions with a brief statement from a company executive, Apple's page appears to be nonexistent.

According to a recent blog entry announcing the site's launch, "will have accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive references and tutorials for every part of client-side development and design, with quirks and bugs revealed and explained."

In addition, the site hopes to one day implement the following features:
  • In-depth indicators of browser support and interoperability, with links to tests for specific features.
  • Discussions and script libraries for cutting-edge features at various states of implementation or standardization, with the opportunity to give feedback into the process before the features are locked down.
  • Assets to let developers experiment with and share code snippets, examples, and solutions.
  • An API to access the structured information for easy reuse.
  • Resources for teachers to help them train their students with critical skills.
For now, however, the "alpha" site is limited to a wiki, Q&A forums, blog, chat and a few tutorials.


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