Newly-released iPod nano gets first software update

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Apple on Thursday rolled out a software update for the seventh-generation iPod nano just days after the first units started shipping from manufacturing plants in China.

iPod nano Update
Source: iLounge

As noted by iLounge, version 1.0.1 of the new iPod nano's software comes a little over two days since customer reports first started to trickle in, saying their orders were being shipped from China and were expected to be delivered next Monday.

The new software only mentions ?Support for iPod nano (7th generation)? in its release notes, offering little information as to what issues, if any, are addressed with version 1.0.1. Speculation points to tweaks to make the device compatible with the most current version of iTunes, however the specific problems regarding the device's interoperability with Apple's media management software is unknown.

Users will be able to update their new iPod nanos upon delivery by simply plugging the unit into their computer, which should automatically recognize the device and bring up the "Download and Update" new iPod software prompt.

Apple announced the seventh-generation media player in September alongside the iPhone 5, fifth-generation iPod touch and newly-designed EarPods headphones. The most recent nano ditches the last-generation's small square form factor for a more iPod touch-esque layout, complete with 2.5-inch mutli-touch display, integrated Bluetooth connectivity and the reversible Lightning connector.


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    tylerk36tylerk36 Posts: 1,037member

    Update gate.

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    Apple store now saying iPod Nano will ship in two weeks.

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    nasseraenasserae Posts: 3,158member
    I am waiting for the new iTunes. Come on Apple!
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    Is it next month right for the new iTunes?
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    nasseraenasserae Posts: 3,158member


    Originally Posted by Splash-reverse View Post

    Is it next month right for the new iTunes?

    It should be released this month ( My bet is within the last week of this month.

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    aizmovaizmov Posts: 989member
    Apple need, in a future iteration, bring iOS to iPod nano.
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    Originally Posted by Aizmov View Post

    Apple need, in a future iteration, bring iOS to iPod nano.


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    Garbage! The 6th was onto brilliance. The addition of the huge home button is the meaning of un innovative! The addition of Bluetooth is the only pro. Videos... On a nano. Stupid! Nano is for mobility! I wanted a removable clip. Retina screen & Bluetooth. YES a watch. With 8gb storage only! It could easily go from watch to gym clip. Paired with the iPhone = received calls you view a name/ number and a red/green button. Green = out of pocket/purse or Bluetooth headset. How about iPhone music control. Or let's say u leave your iPhone on table/ in car. Watch vibrates/ makes noise. How about controlling a keynote presentation from your watch!Add a mic, For Siri integration(paired iphone required) This is no nano nor the iwatch. This is a iPod touch mini! More than what we wanted. We have mp3 and better video on our phones. Or for not much more our real iPod touch! Consider the ball dropped!
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