Apple appeals Japan court's pro-Samsung ruling in patent infringement suit

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In Apple's ongoing worldwide patent litigation with Samsung, the company on Monday filed for an appeal of a Tokyo District Court ruling that said the Korean electronics giant did not infringe on certain utility patents.

Galaxy Tab 7

Apple is appealing an Aug. 31 decision that found Samsung did not violate a patent for synchronizing music and video with data servers, which brought a subsequent order for the Cupertino company to pay legal fees associated with the suit, reports Bloomberg.

The original ruling handed down by Judge Tamotsu Shoji found Samsung's Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy Tab, not in violation of Apple?s JP Patent No. 4,204,977.

At the time, Judge Shoji said, "It?s hard to believe the products belong to the range of technologies of the claimant,? and ordered Apple to pay the costs of the lawsuit.

Apple filed its Japanese complaint against Samsung in 2011, seeking 100 million yen, or roughly $1.3 million, in damages on claims that the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab were in violation of the media syncing patent. Currently, Samsung's Galaxy lineup is sold by Japan's largest wireless carrier, NTT DoCoMo.


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    Am I reading this correctly?  Only $1.3M or is that $1.3B?  Does that even cover the cost of all the lawsuit/lawyers?

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    Am I reading this correctly?  Only $1.3M or is that $1.3B?  Does that even cover the cost of all the lawsuit/lawyers?

    Troll go away

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    tylerk36tylerk36 Posts: 1,037member

    Doesn't 1.3 million dollars seem a bit small?  1.3 million.  Maybe thats what the legal team was paid?

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    Troll go away

    A trol hunter with a very tight pair of panties on.  And you still manage to get them all bunched up over a post that you have nothing to do with.  Oh please great moderator save us from this poor panty wearing PMSing persona.

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    SOP is to file an appeal on any case you lose, regardless of who the losing party is. Though I will say Apple doesn't like to lose and they certainly find losing overseas even more hard to accept. Each court rules based on their interpretation of the facts, evidence and patents. Its pretty clear to everyone that the USPTO is seriously F-UP and needs to be majorly overhauled and patent litigation needs to be contained given the huge cost to innovation, and job growth in this horrible economic climate.

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    Its interesting how some people post irrelevant BS that has no merit to its comments. Just a bunch pissing eejits who are quick to point out trolls when look! The very one who by definition is " the kettle calling the pot black" can't even express an IQ higher then 30! Please don't comment if you don't have anything smart to discuss.
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