Apple leaks mention of iBooks 3.0, reinforcing iPad mini focus on ebooks



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    If the focus really is on eBooks (i doubt it) then retina becomes far more likely.


    The "focus" being on it is going to be the same as the "focus" being on them the first time around. It wasn't in any way, but iBooks was mentioned. It'll be mentioned again.

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    Another Apple application that could benefit from this is Pages. The current version exports ePub with **some** of the more prominent ePub 3 features (embedding audio and video). These are very effective eBooks with a wide and growing reach across all platforms, not just iPad as is the case with iBooks Author output.
    Although the current supports fixed layout and read aloud in ePub, there are no ways to easily create fixed layout and read aloud ePub documents on the desktop. Pages is the logical app to handle this, not iBooks Author. So, I'm looking for an upgrade to Pages as well as to iBooks Author.
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