Apple may have invested $2 billion to aid struggling display maker Sharp



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    As much as i would like Sharp to succeed. They are just a poorly run company. And Apple seems to have a hand in helping, shaping, or an expectation of how others should and run the company for them. They are not stupid enough to invest 2B in sharp when they are on the verge of bankruptcy. At least i hope they dont.


    Agreed. If Apple pumped 2Billion in, why did they warn just a couple of days ago that they are on the brink of collapse. That 2Billion should have been cushion for quite some time.


    I credit Tim Cook for being a lot smarter than to invest 2Billion in a company circling the drain.

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    As far as crazy ideas like cutting ARM away from competitors, yes that is an insurmountable antitrust issue. It would be the most abusive anti-competitive move in my lifetime. Only a simpleton would think you could get away with that.


    You also seem to be unaware that Apple has a full developer license for ARM already, they can make any changes to the architecture they want, customize it any way they want. The A6 has a unique customized core designed by Apple. It isn't and A9 and it isn't an A15.  So again no benefit they don't already enjoy.


    Silly idea, not worth wasting another electron on.

    Good attempt at using condescension as a supporting argument. It doesn't work when you're full of shit and can't even read.

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    Sharp makes nicer TV's IMO compared to Samsung's offerings.
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    I will answer in reverse order. Intel will benefit because some Android makers may turn to its processors. Motorola has already started. In fact, for Intel to make progress in mobile, some device makers has to use their processors. Those device makers are happy with ARM, or rather with Qualcomm and Nvidia. So they need a push to consider Intel seriously, Apple's ownership of ARM would provide such impetus.

    "Profitable" use of cash? Not sure what that means. But prudent? Spending $20B is never a prudent thing. But this is not about direct profiteering or prudence. This is about control of technology. Apple has already invested in ARM development. If they are serious about deploying this beyond iPhone, iPod and iPads, they may need to better control the design of the core architecture. Furthermore, they can more closely tailor the architecture for their vision of iOS and iDevices. This can affect the competition even without cutting off their licenses. Finally, acquiring ARM gains Apple more engineering talent around the world, which is something Apple loves to do.

    More on prudent use of 20% of cash: this kind of investment sure pays off more than dividends or share buybacks.

    Yes, as mentioned above, anti-trust is an issue but it is not insurmountable. Apple may not try this because overcoming this type of anti-trust concern requires serious lobbying, which is (used to be?) beneath Apple.

    Interesting. Tough antitrust hurdle but nothing is impossible with enough lobbying. That would be some kind of shakeup of this industry.

    But listen, no need to insult others just because you're more knowledgeable or imaginative in your thinking. We are all just speculating and exchanging opinions.
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